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  1. C

    Mac OS (external monitor) website passwords without Touch ID and putting system to sleep?

    Hello, I have just added an external monitor to my MacBook Pro 16" and have a few questions: 1) When using my actual MacBook when I use safari and go to a website and want to log in I am able to use keychain to input my password, when using an external monitor and keyboard this isn't an option...
  2. W

    Why doesn’t Touch ID work when I’m on the treadmill

    this really bothers me, I need to know why this is happening. Every time I’m on the treadmill Touch ID does not work when I have it lying down on the treadmill in front of me. It will only take the pass code or I have to stop the treadmill for it to work. I just want to know why, I looked this...
  3. emaytea

    How sensitive is the Touch ID on my MacBook

    I use it exclusively, and it never fails, so I question how accurate it is. No-one else is privy to my computer, but I'd like to be assured it's near fail-safe, just in case. I used to work at a place that required the whole palm to enter, and quite often I'd have to redo. My only basis for...
  4. R

    Touch ID button

    I received a MacBook Air yesterday and my kid was messing around with the Touch ID button. I thought you could not press this down like an actual button but now it presses down just like the rest of the keys. Is this normal or has my kid messed it up? Thanks
  5. contacthamdi1998

    iPhone HELP! Touch ID Tweaks.

    Hi, I have an Iphone 6s plus and I had to replace the touch ID from another broken 6s plus which had a perfect working Touch ID since mine was broken. It is not possible to activate the touch ID of another Iphone for mine. I have found out from some research that the touch id is linked to the...
  6. ddiazescandon

    Authenticating System Preferences with Touch ID?

    I have been using Touch ID for a while, installing new software, enabling sudo auth, Apple Pay, login in. Sudo auth was a deal breaker actually, it is fast, safe and you can even enable some SSH features from Linux servers. But I can't change my privacy or login items without typing my pass...
  7. F

    iPad Pro with FaceID

    iOS 12 for iPad with its new gestures really have me wanting a new iPad with no home button and FaceID. I love the new home gesture but can't get over having to place my finger on the slow touchID button on my iPad Air 2. Is anyone else excited for a bezel-less iPad Pro?!
  8. Rhonindk

    Other Face ID vs. Touch ID vs ... Do you really Use It?

    With the threads you see on Face ID vs. Touch ID vs. Passwords I started to wonder just what it is people really use. Do people that have Touch OD or Face ID use it? If they do is it a "simplicity rules" or ... If you have Face ID do you use it? If you have Touch ID do you use it? Friends of...
  9. T

    Problem on Lock screen and Touch ID

    Hello, Thanks for reading first, I am new to this forum. I got a problem about using the Touch ID to unlock my MacBook Pro 15. When every time I lock my screen by click the Apple Icon -> Lock Screen (or cmd + ctrl + Q), Mac locks me out and shows me a password window (first screenshot), and I...
  10. M

    Touch ID stops on late 2016 MBP

    I have a late '16 MBP running High Sierra and keep OS updated. For a while, I have found it necessary to clear Touch ID and reenter my finger scan because it periodically, and for no apparent reason, ceases to recognize the scan. The Touch ID scan input pad is not dirty, nor is my finger, yet it...
  11. WillRRRR

    iPhone X Missed Touch ID on iPhone X

    I'm disappointed. I love Touch ID. Touch ID is my favorite security for Tablet and Phone. iPhone X using Face ID instead of Touch ID. iPhone X (2017) has completely removed Touch ID Hi Apple, please add Touch ID to 2018 iPhones and iPads.
  12. D

    Face ID - Skip the Lock Screen

    Some of us fly by the notification screen very often. I very much want Apple to implement THE OPTION, I stress the option of allowing a similar scenario to Touch ID's "rest to wake." Wake > Look > Home Screen. A completely hands free path to the home screen seems awesome.
  13. ResidentHopeful

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 Plus Touch ID slower than iPad Pro (2nd gen)

    After using the iPhone 8 plus for a few days I noticed that the phone often stays on the lock screen when I press the home button to wake and unlock it. I'm very used to unlocking the iPad Pro this way and this is why I noticed the difference on the 8 plus. The iPad Pro always manage to unlock...
  14. D

    Face ID and Gloves

    So... I've seen people say how Face ID is gonna be nice in the winter cuz of gloves. But... we still have to swipe up. I'd like the option (I'd like to stress the option), to have Face ID work as follows: Wake > Look > Homescreen (no swipe) And I do understand I might have accidental unlocks...
  15. TechNismo

    Best Method to Pre-Order iPhone X?

    Which of these two methods will be faster to pre-order an iPhone: 1) Using MacBook with Apple Pay (Touch ID) but ordering through apple website 2) Using iPad Mini and manually entering info (no touch ID/Apple Pay) but using Apple Store App (I have heard the website tends to crash in the past, is...
  16. H

    Keychain App – Eternal authentication dialog loop

    Hello, When I try to use the search field inside Keychain app, after confirming with the Touch ID button, the ID authentication dialog opens again and again, every time I am typing a new letter :-( Anyone experiencing the same issue? In other situations, for example to unlock Mac in login...
  17. H

    Keychain App, Touch ID authentication loop

    Hello, When I try to use the search field inside Keychain app, the Touch ID authentication dialog opens again and again, every time I am typing a new letter. Anyone experiencing the same issue? How could this issue be resolved? Best regards
  18. M

    Possible passcode AND TouchID?

    Is it possible to have a passcode to access iPhone, and then use Touch ID to access banking apps? Did a search, but can't find an answer.
  19. Michael Joseph

    Face ID works with all current Touch ID Apps?

    Hi, I not sure to upgrade my iPhone to 8 or X........I have some questions and hopefully someone can help me.... 1) Any body know if the new iPhone X's Face ID works with all current Touch ID Apps? or we need to wait for the Apps to update? 2) The current NFC machine use in store for Touch ID...
  20. 826317

    Touch ID unlock faster in High Sierra

    Guys, is it just me or is the Touch ID unlock on High Sierra (Golden Master) way quicker at unlocking both from sleep and lock screen than in Sierra?