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touch screen

  1. J

    Wiimote whiteboard

    Back in 2008 I had a program on my MacBook running 10.6 called wiimote whiteboard. It was a free download, (still out there but doesn't work with Big Sur) and would allow you to connect a wiimote to your MacBook via Bluetooth. The program would then put a series of crosshairs on the screen...
  2. P

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone Passcode Malfunctioning

    I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max and I have had almost every iPhone since the beginning, so I know how to enter a passcode. But with this phone, I am constantly missing a number somehow. I almost always have my phone muted so I never noticed this clue until today - the phone makes a click sound as...
  3. S

    iPhone X touch screen intermittently stops responding

    New issue where the touch screen on my iPhone X randomly stops responding. Here's the details: It seems to only happen sometimes (but not every time) I pull the phone out of my pocket. It doesn't seem to happen if it is lying on a table, etc. Normally if the phone is locked (screen off) I can...
  4. kimhourly

    iPhone X iphone X ios 12.1.4 (Display Touch issue )

    My iPhone X version of ios 12.1.4 have trouble touching, sometime automatic screen touch screen act itself opening apps and popup without my finger touch, after reboot or lock the screen it's start working normal again but sometime it's happen again .iPhone does not drop or anything, so what why...
  5. WhiskaBiscuit

    Touch screen responsiveness is poor

    I have an iPad Pro 10.5 (A1701) and it's driving me up the wall. The touch screen is not responding how it should anymore. I notice this mostly in Safari, because that is the main app I use but I think it is happening everywhere. If I’m using the screen to touch-type, the on screen keyboard...
  6. Macmonter

    iPad Pro Touch Pad Frustration

    I've been an iPad Pro user for 2 months, and I haven't been able to master the touch screen. Regardless of how carefully I place the pencil on the screen, I tend to unintentually open, close or scroll past items or links. Some apps are more frustrating to navigate than others - the News app is...
  7. Kittykat77

    Apple pencil effect on touch screen

    Hi, am thinking of getting an apple pencil but can anyone tell me the long term effects of using a stylus on a touch screen? If the amount of use eventually wears out the touch screen, would using stylus significantly reduce the touch screen life even more? I would be using it as a hobby not...
  8. jhock

    Other Touch Screen response with sweaty fingers

    I've spent an hour searching on this topic but can't find much information. How well do various touchscreen models respond to sweat? I'm a seriously into fitness and find that during gym sessions i can't operate my iPhone 6 screen whilst my hands are sweaty. Is their any new tech in the 6s, 7...
  9. X

    iPhone Touch Screen Repair Program

    After 2.5 years, my iPhone 6 Plus touch screen didn't response well. So I went to Apple Store. I was told it could be my fault like dropping or bending the phone. My phone is in perfect cosmetic condition and it's in a case. I was going to trade in for a new model. Because I had to get a working...
  10. kalirob99

    iPhone iPhone 6 Plus Touch lockscreen unresponsive randomly since 9.3.3 update. Just me?

    Noticed it when unlocking only. Seems it recognizes touch to unlock but the screen is unresponsive. Starts to work eventually, but it happens at least once a day and sometimes sticks around for minutes. Anyone else seeing it or having an idea what's fixing it?
  11. Ancient Enemy

    iPhone 6/6+ update 9.3.1 caused frezzing screen

    I spoke with an apple tech support person and he said that the problem is the logic board. That the logic board on the older iPhone 6/6+ are faulty(his exact words) It is no longer compatible with the software/firmware ( Update 9.3/ 9.3.1/ 9.3.2. He stated that some people started having issues...