iPhone 6/6+ update 9.3.1 caused frezzing screen

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Ancient Enemy, May 31, 2016.

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    I spoke with an apple tech support person and he said that the problem is the logic board. That the logic board on the older iPhone 6/6+ are faulty(his exact words) It is no longer compatible with the software/firmware ( Update 9.3/ 9.3.1/ 9.3.2. He stated that some people started having issues immediately or it took weeks for the problems to show up if at all; depending on when they purchased the iPhone 6/6+. If it was purchased after October of 2015, you're probably not going to experience any problems since the new logic board was implemented around that time. He stated that they (engineers and programers) are looking into it and that If I wanted to have a working phone again without the freezing screen; I would need to go back to the "GENIUS" bar and have a new logic board installed for something around $325.00.

    I looked at several different websites on/ about the new logic board and the new chip. (Example, follow the link below for the story)

    http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/08/25/supposed-iphone-6s-display-and-logic-b oard-powered-on-with-help-from-iphone-6-…

    I look at it this way. I try to use simple to complex logic. If things do not add up then you know if someone/company is either lying or just do not know and pass it off as something else. They had to improve the logic board and new chip to have a fast response time for the newly introduced 3D touch feature from the new touchscreen.

    The next part is directly copied from the iPhone 6s/6s+ website on apples product page.

    "iPhone 6s was designed specifically to work with 3D Touch, the next generation of Multi-Touch. 3D Touch is a revolutionary pressure‑sensing technology that lets you get to the content you want simply by pressing the display. Capacitive sensors measure the pressure you apply on the glass. You instantly see a response on the screen and feel feedback from the all‑new Taptic Engine. 3D Touch is a perfect example of the magic that happens when hardware and software are designed together. 3D Touch can only perform because it was designed alongside iPhone 6s."

    link to apple site page http://www.apple.com/iphone-6s/design/

    So if the logic board, chip, touchscreen, and software are designed specifically to work with the new iPhone 6s line and up; would that pose a problem with some of the older model phones, do to the lack of compatible hardware needed to run the software properly.

    I know most people on here are going to troll, call me an idiot, or that I just don't understand; and thats fine and that's your opinion, that's your right; but do not dismiss my opinions as well, since I do not dismiss yours. Also don't come at me asking my credentials when we are all behind a monitor and cannot prove diddly squat. I'm here to bring attention to the issue. I don't feel that those of use experiencing this problem should have to pay to have it fixed when it's a problem apple knows about, and may have inadvertently caused the problem. It's not fair for those off us that work ourselves to death to pay for someones else mistake.

    You can try a debate with one of Apples Customer service reps in store, on chat, on phone. I didn't get me anywhere. I've been going to Apples page everyday and reporting the issue ( Link provided below). I would tell every one having the same problem to do the same. Enlighten some one you may know; like a blogger, journalist, news reporter, anybody willing to give this issue a small window of publicity.


    Don't get me wrong, I love Apple products, even when they're behind the curve on some hardware or software for their phones. I love apple because of the security and simplicity of its use. I just wish companies had Integrity, Honesty, and Loyalty as much; if not more than, the consumers who make these companies the global icons that they have become.

    Apple: We stand beside you and are your loyal customers. Do the same for us.....
    I just will not pay for something that has already been paid for. Besides, the iPhone 7 is just around the corner!
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