touchid scanner not working

  1. aleyazor

    Touch ID scanner no longer working

    The Home Button on my iPhone 7 was overly sensitive and I saw many people saying the solution was to blow some air into it or clean it, from the inside. After doing that (stupid me I know), my touch ID no longer works. I can press Add Fingerprint but as soon as I press it, it says failed. So...
  2. silvetti

    TouchID not working while charging

    Hi! Anyone having issues with TouchID not working while charging? As soon as I unplug the charging cable it starts working normally. I've noticed this for now only with Safari while authenticating for passwords. I've seen a few other posts here and there about it (not on MacRumors) but I've yet...
  3. kristof46

    Touch ID in MacBook Pro 16 doesn't work properly.

    Have you ever experienced not responding Touch ID? I don't say about any errors with notification on screen/touchbar or "please try again" No just not responding button. The best way to check it is to try set new fingerprint. Nothing happens. It can't scan your finger at all. Sometimes it scans...
  4. contacthamdi1998

    iPhone HELP! Touch ID Tweaks.

    Hi, I have an Iphone 6s plus and I had to replace the touch ID from another broken 6s plus which had a perfect working Touch ID since mine was broken. It is not possible to activate the touch ID of another Iphone for mine. I have found out from some research that the touch id is linked to the...
  5. Siddharth Joshi

    IPhone 6 Touch ID could not be activated,happened suddenly on ios12.0.1

    IPhone 6 on iOS 12.0.1 says Touch ID could not be activated, the phone has never been dropped and phone haven’t been open. It was purchased back in 2015 . What could be the issue I am kinda stressed about it as it’s my dad phone.
  6. hub3rt

    Help with Touch ID please

    Hi there, To give you a bit of background : I previously had a 15" 2016 rMBP with Touch Bar at my old job, I left the job and I have recently been working on my older personal MacBook Air from home with my new business. Yesterday I took delivery of a 13" 2017 rMBP. I had some huge issues with...
  7. Y

    Touch ID Problems

    So I have a 2017 15/3.1/1T. It works well BUT TouchID has a hard time registering my fingerprint. The sensor/button works but it's rarely consistent in reading my fingerprint. Am I just doing it wrong or is something up with with the sensor?
  8. Kenjo

    Touch ID not full working after 10.2.1 update

    this question may seem a bit old. but I just recently updated my ios with the buggy touch id. will updating to the 10.3 beta fix this issue? cannot downgrade either since apple stopped signing the older versions