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  1. J

    Windows 10: how to uninstall MacBook Pro Bluetooth driver completely?

    I bought a bunch of Bluetooth USB dongles (some plain Bluetooth and some WiFi+Bluetooth combos). I cannot get the Bluetooth USB dongles working because they all have the yellow triangle on Device Manager / Bluetooth / Realtek Bluetooth Adapter (or similar). The dongle manufacturers say I have to...
  2. Teenso

    Trying to uninstall apps with terminal

    Good day community. I would like to see why I'm having issues with trying to uninstall an app through terminal. I was reading on the web that its possible to uninstall through terminal. The command line that I saw was $sudo uninstall file:// ( then you would drag the app from the application...
  3. B

    iPhone Cannot Delete/upgrade/downgrade app

    I'm jailbroken on ios 13.5 and I was trying to duplicate instagram app using Filza ( which did not work). Now I cannot delete instagram app or even update or downgrade it! Any idea how to remove it completely and start fresh? I cannot delete it from General-storage the app doea not show there...
  4. K

    help removing capto audio device

    Hi, new here but I have scorched the earth looking for a solution to this but have come up with nothing. I have a 2015 Macbook Pro running Mojave 10.14.6. A couple of years ago, I installed Capto (screen recording software) but uninstalled it shortly after. Ever since then there has been an...
  5. W

    Uninstall Avast completely? (malware?)

    Today suddenly an app called 'Avast' turned itself on. I did not voluntarily install it - it appears to have made its way onto my system somehow mysteriously last month, from the date I could see of when it was created on my system. It had an uninstall function but that asked me for my...
  6. R

    Delete UBUNTU and retrieve MacOS completely on MacBook Air

    I'm completely new to using a Mac, and recently installed UBUNTU by following some YouTube videos and it worked fine. I added 50GB for the UBUNTU partition and 8GB for the SWAP partition. I now want to restore my 58 GB back to the MacOS partition and want to delete UBUNTU. Can someone please...
  7. Sovon Halder

    How Do I Uninstall parallels ?

    It's like a virus that won't go away. I tried everything their website recommended for proper uninstallation. Moreover I took time and deleted everything that I could find in various folders within ~/Library Still every time I open context menu, the crap is there.. And clicking on those...
  8. S

    How do I uninstall an app + it's accessory files?

    Hello MacRumors Community. Just uninstalled a music app called Reason 10. The file to start the app was inside the app's folder in which other stuff like Factory sounds were. I dragged the entire app folder to the trash and clicked on Empty Trash. Then I searched my computer and found...
  9. ACD0236

    Safari Technology Preview uninstall leftovers

    Hi there, I uninstalled Safari Technology Preview with AppCleaner and everything was moved to the trash. When voiding the trash, a folder named " 19-04-46-245.SafariTechnologyPreview" seems to be locked ("in use") and it is impossible to delete it. I installed STP again and...
  10. B

    Kaspersky problem

    Hi As I came to the end of my free year with Kaspersky antivirus I decided to uninstall it. I moved the application to the trash and deleted it, searched the computer for Kaspersky and deleted the two items I found. However when I tried to install the free Avast I got a message saying "Kaspersky...
  11. S

    Adobe CC users, I need your help.

    Hey, how are you guys doing? (I didn't know which subforum is appopriate for this question but since I got an iMac I figured it can go here.) I updated my Adobe Creative Cloud apps a while ago to CC 2018. So far so good. During the updating process it said that it will uninstall CC 2017...
  12. P

    Clearing macbook white mid 2010 os x 6.8 without installer disk?

    Hello. I'm clearing my macbook in order to to sell it on. I don't have the installer disk anymore but I reinstalled mac os x by pressing cmd+s on startup and entering commands which was successful. The part I am still struggling with is on Disk Utility: the option to erase is greyed out and...
  13. M

    GFXBench Uninstall Guide

    If you installed GFXBench and GFXBench Metal to test your new system, you might not be aware that it leaves over 1GB of install files behind when you delete it. These are located at: GFXBench GL: /Users/<user_name>/Library/Containers/net.kishonti.osx.GFXBench/Data/Library/Caches/Kishonti...
  14. B

    What is the best way to completely remove apps?

    I have been trying to find an updated document or anything for the best way to completely remove apps using latest Sierra. I have a 2017 MBP and I want to keep it running lean. I do know how to install the recommended Apple way, but it seems to leave behind a bunch of preferences files and...
  15. H

    Resolved Uninstall Java MacBook Pro

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if it is possible to uninstall Java completely from Mac? I used to have Minecraft on a previous Mac of mine and am looking remove everything that is unnecessary, as its only job now is some file storage and watching movies on my tv. I found these...
  16. Z

    app unistaller

    Are there any "application's uninstaller" apps that i can use to uninstall applications i have installed in Yosemite?
  17. Z

    Uninstalling apps in iOS

    Is it possible to uninstall effectively an app in iOS?
  18. ivantwilliams

    Uninstalling an Application

    The other day I was testing 1Password, the new 'Family' option. I installed 1Password 6, and it was working fine. I then went to uninstall it, for the purpose of reinstalling it later. There were a few issues with the app missing a sync field. In doing so, when I'd try to reinstall it, or...
  19. WordsmithMR

    Removing Windows 7 Key for reuse

    I'm currently running Windows 7 on a 2012 MBP and I am considering upgrading my MBP so I would like to reuse the W7 key on my new laptop. It has been about 3-4 years since I last deleted the partition (had to increase the size back then) so I'm a little rusty on how I go about retrieving the...
  20. camelia

    How to uninstall Firefox manually?

    Hi I want to learn how to uninstall Firefox manually without using a 3rd app such as AppCleaner Why? Because AppCleaner usually left traces Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me Cam