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universal clipboard

  1. thewhitehart

    Universal Clipboard broken

    I'm running macOS Monterrey 12.1 on the M1 Mac mini. Universal Clipboard will not work from the Mac to the iPad or iPhone. It continues to work between the iPhone and iPad and to the Mac, but not from the Mac. Anyone else having this problem? I turned WiFi and Bluetooth off on all devices and...
  2. usagora

    Can copy/paste from Mac to iPhone but not vice versa

    I never used to have an issue with handoff / universal clipboard until recently. Copying/pasting between my iPhone (iOS 14.7) and iMac (macOS 11.4) wasn't working at all, so I signed out of iCloud on BOTH the iMac AND the iPhone, then signed back in again on both. Now, I can copy text on my...
  3. L

    Universal clipboard not working on iPhone XR, works on other devices

    I can't get universal clipboard to work on my iPhone XR. So far I tried this: - switching the iPhone off and on (several times) - resetting the iPhone (several times) - turning wifi off and on - turning bluetooth off and on - turning handoff off and on - check I have the same apple ID on all my...
  4. paulcristo

    Universal Clipboard hack for older Macs?

    Hello. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to enable the Universal Clipboard on older, unsupported Macs. I have a Mac Pro (early 2009) 4,1 running Sierra. I know there are third party apps that accomplish this, but they're a bit cumbersome. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
  5. H

    Unreliable wireless features

    Airdrop, Handoff, Continuity, Universal Clipboard, ... all great features but sooooo unreliable. Does anyone use these features all day without problems? I move a lot (home, office, ...) switching between wireless networks and it seems these features cannot keep up. They work 25% of the time...
  6. J

    Universal Clipboard only working one way

    I can't seem to get universal clipboard working reliably. If I try and copy something from Notes on my iMac and paste into a different app on my iPhone, it pauses briefly like it's thinking, then nothing happens. If I try again, it only pastes what my iPhone last copied. But, if I copy something...
  7. P

    Universal Clipboard Not Working

    I have a MacBook Air with Mac OS Sierra installed and an iPhone 5s with iOS 10. I cannot get Universal Clipboard to work. I am logged into the same iCloud account on both devices and have bluetooth enabled as well. Any suggestions?
  8. A

    Universal Clipboard

    For me I cannot get the universal clipboard to work. Is there a setting I need to enable for this? I've even tried turning Handoff on and still nothing. Both devices signed into same Apple ID and everything.