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  1. erenreena

    Ipad Air 4 intermittently become dim and shows black blank screen

    Issue; Ipad Air 4 become dim and shows black blank screen intermittently. My purchase Ipad Air 4 inspected that when running multiples application, the unit display brightness will become dim and turn to blank black screen intermittently. The unit also unresponsive to touch intermittently...
  2. D

    MP 7,1 Mac Pro 7,1 sluggish/unresponsive after wake

    I feel like I post a new issue every week here. Anyone experiencing sluggish, none responsive system after sleep. For me there is no consistency, as I can wake the system and work without fault. And then other times come to it, and whilst the system has nothing open, struggle to even get the...
  3. S

    iPhone X touch screen intermittently stops responding

    New issue where the touch screen on my iPhone X randomly stops responding. Here's the details: It seems to only happen sometimes (but not every time) I pull the phone out of my pocket. It doesn't seem to happen if it is lying on a table, etc. Normally if the phone is locked (screen off) I can...
  4. perky9988

    iPhone SE peculiar iPhone SE water damage

    Trying to diagnose my iPhone SE, help. The story started about a month ago, I went swimming with my iPhone SE in my pocket. I left it in a bowl of rice for a day but when it turned on, the power button was water logged making it continuously pressed and the screen was unresponsive with lots of...
  5. H

    Safari bricked??

    Hello, Just did a clean install on a slowed-down mid-2012 MBP and upgraded to Mojave in the process. Everything went great, no major issues other than suddenly having issues with Safari a week on. Opening Safari pops up the correct homepage but then the window is unresponsive, can't type in...
  6. BaracksPhallusPalace

    iPhone X iPhone X apps hang and become unresponsive

    Since the latest update (12.3) I've noticed my iPhone X 256GB has had an issue where multiple apps will hang and become completely unresponsive, to the point where you can close the app out from the springboard and open it again and it is still frozen. The only remedy has been to wait until the...
  7. S

    cMP 2,1 Black screen / No Startup Chime / Diag LEDs clear

    All, I've recently hit a dead-end diagnosing what has happened to my MP 2,1. For the past 2-years all has been running well on 10.11.6 via the boot.efi hack and an EVGA 560 GPU; however, last week (after some power outages) my mac was non-responsive. Pressing the power button does spin up the...
  8. kimhourly

    iPhone X iphone X ios 12.1.4 (Display Touch issue )

    My iPhone X version of ios 12.1.4 have trouble touching, sometime automatic screen touch screen act itself opening apps and popup without my finger touch, after reboot or lock the screen it's start working normal again but sometime it's happen again .iPhone does not drop or anything, so what why...
  9. E

    iPhone XS Max iPhone XS Max freezes

    Sometimes my iPhone XS Max freezes when I try to unlock it by typing my passcode (because FaceID doesn't work good as well) or using some app it just won't respond for about 5 seconds. Does anybody else have this issue?
  10. C

    iPhone XS iPhone XS very top right of screen is unresponsive!

    I finally received an XS with a great screen and now the top right of the screen is unresponsive! Easily discovered by slight press on any icon to activate delete mode where all the icons are shaking then try to hit the top right DONE icon, I hit it 20 times with no response. Tried hard reboot...
  11. AnthonyG6

    iPhone X Will the Genius Know?

    I have a launch day iPhone X which for the last few months has been suffering from the dreaded 'unresponsive screen'. In the beginning it could be fixed with a hard reset, but now even that doesn't work! Its very frustrating especially when you need to use your phone quickly or answer a call...
  12. Helmsley

    iPhone 8(+) Lock Screen Freezes

    Over the past few days, my 8 Plus running iOS 11.4.1 has started to freeze when trying to unlock. Not every time but it seems to be happening more frequently. When I press the power button, I get a black screen with the clock at the top and and a padlock symbol (see screenshot). The phone...
  13. AnthonyG6

    iPhone X iPhone X - Screen Unresponsive

    My iPhone X screen sometimes becomes unresponsive to touch. This issue has been bugging me for a while. I know I can do a hard reset to get it to work again but even that sometimes requires several attempts. It is especially annoying when it happens when I need to take a quick picture of...
  14. jennyp

    Random freezes of mouse and keyboard on 2015 iMac

    I'm having freezing or lock-up issues with my iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015). Its specs are: processor: 4 GHz Intel Core i7; memory: 32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3; graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 MB; storage: 1TB SSD (Apple) currently with 459 GB available; macOS installed: "High Sierra" 10.13.5...
  15. Japseguten

    White screen, start-up chime and full fan speed on boot.

    Recently swapped the keyboard on my 2009 MBP 15" 3.06ghz (and changed the thermal paste). After reassembling it it decided to boot into a white screen of death (WSOD). The start-up chime is there, and the superdrive makes the boot up noise. Fan speed goes right up to 100% the moment i press the...
  16. DennisBlah

    Mac CBCentralManager crashing bluetooth

    Hi all, I made 2 little applications: - 1 for iDevices, which sends out their UDID - 1 for the Mac, which scans for peripherals I notice that after a while, the bluetooth module is crashing, either the module or the OSX. the didDiscoverPeripheral function checks the RSSI if its greater than...
  17. R

    iPhone X Frustratingly Unresponsive!

    My iPhone X is not responding to button presses. Seems like a software issue on 11.2.1! This happens randomly btw, can't provide steps to reproduce. Emergency SOS will just pop out and scare the hell out of me + FaceID will be disabled.
  18. C

    iPhone iPhone 7 Freezing after iOS 11 Update

    After installing iOS 11 on my iPhone 7, every once in a while it freezes up and becomes unresponsive. If I click on an app, it doesn't open. However, I can swipe from one screen to another, double-click to get the list of apps that are open, and swipe up to get Control Center (but clicking any...
  19. A

    Iphone 5s unresponsive

    Hi, So two days ago I dropped my iPhone 5s (with otterbox case) in water, I immediately picked it up ran inside and dried the phone any way I could, for a while the phone said that the headphones were plugged in and the mic would only work with the headphones plugged in, then the next day it was...
  20. M

    7 Plus unresponsive after a fall.

    Fell off my bike yesterday. My iPhone 7 Plus, though unmarked is now unresponsive. I cannot even power off. It is still receiving messages, and I have connected to iTunes and backed everything up, and it has updated all the apps, so partially still working. I have tried holding power button...