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  1. A

    Iphone upload to icloud not working

    Hello all, newbie here - would be grateful for your tips. I have searched the forum for solutions but nothing has worked so far. I have an iPhone 7, with 128GB capacity. Available capacity is 22GB. According to when I look at the Photos app, there are 1966 photos, 543 videos and 3002 items. I...
  2. H

    How does iCloud Music Library *actually* work?

    Hey all! I am an avid music collector and have used Google Play Music for almost a decade now because of it's cloud-based music locker service that it offers alongside streaming. Since it's shutting down in October, I have my eyes on Apple Music as the closest replacement. I am trying to clarify...
  3. purdnost

    Why Can't HEIC Files Be Uploaded Using a Browser to Photos in iCloud?

    The Apple Photos app isn't uploading my photos, so I want to manually do it through Safari, but I'm getting an error message stating that HEIC photos aren't supported. Any idea as to why that limitation exists?
  4. J

    I want to get my husband's Photos into a separate Photos library

    Hello, I would like to get my husband's photos from his iCloud collection onto my Mac in a Photos library that is separate from mine. So far, I think this is what I do: 1. Create a new Photos Library on my Mac (or do I first download his photos and have that create the library?), calling it...
  5. seme332

    iCloud Drive Files not uploading/downloading

    Hey everyone, I have had a problem for the past few days where my files on Desktop and the Documents folder are not syncing correctly on macOS 10.13.5. Files don‘t get uploaded and are stuck on botch my iMac and my MacBook Pro. I have so far tried a restart and moved a few files that were not...
  6. Tunahan

    I need someone who has Mavericks on his mac

    Hey friends, I need someone who has running Mavericks on his mac and upload Mavericks's "" for me. What I want to do is a bit weird but I want to use Mavericks's dock on my High Sierra that I use right now. Someone found a solution for this and I share the link below...
  7. tekfranz

    iCloud Drive Files and Mail Not Syncing on Web or Macs

    Did I trigger some sort of bandwidth cap or something? I was moving, and merging and deduplicating about 300,000 Emails. The only thing that seems to respond anymore is files within the app folders. My sync is stuck. Files on my Mac sit there uploading forever. Files on the Web do not download...
  8. Z

    Best way to transfer photos?

    I will be traveling without my mac for a while and need a way to get photos from my iPhone 7 to my iPad Pro 10.5 without using iCloud (full storage). Everything is running the latest software updates. If there's something like a flash drive I can get or a program like Dropbox that would be...
  9. Strawberry Watch

    if I were to delete my iCloud photos but later reupload them , would it remember their locations?

    and dates and all that? I might do this but I don't wanna lose all my tagging and stuff
  10. D

    FCP X & YouTube export settings

    So, every time I try to upload to YouTube it gives me this message: "Your videos will process faster if you encode into a streamable file format." I export in FCP X using the master file option to h.264 and AAC audio. That's streamable!! Am I doing something wrong or is it just YouTube being...
  11. D

    FCPX and YouTube Upload issues.

    Ok, so having been an iMovie user I know not to use the built in share to YouTube option of FCPX but when I export my file as a Master File and try to upload to YouTube I get the following message: "Your videos will process faster if you encode into a streamable file format. For more...
  12. I

    Slow iCloud Drive upload speed - web/pc-app

    I'm experiencing some issues with the iCloud Drive upload speeds when uploading from or using the iCloud Drive program on Windows. I only get good speeds when uploading from my MacBook using the build-in iCloud folder in OSX. This is a screen capture from uploading a file using...
  13. keysofanxiety

    Resolved Odd issue with download speeds (DELL server)

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post for a pure Windows machine, but I'm properly stumped on this one and I was hoping somebody could help! I have an old DELL OptiPlex 760 on Windows 10 that is permanently plugged into Ethernet as a seedbox/game(s) server. C2Quad Q8200, 8GB RAM...
  14. Dantnad

    All browsers crash when uploading files

    I've got this problem after installing macOS Sierra that is really frustrating!!!! I initially thought it was a Google Chrome Problem, then I found out it happened to every single Web browsing app; Safari, Chrome, Mozilla... What happens is that when I try to upload a file to any page via...
  15. Jippe Joosten

    Can i update and still push apps to the App Store

    Hey guys, I was a few months ago in the beta of El Capitan 10.11.4 beta at the time and wanted to push a app to the App Store. It was not by way of the beta of xcode as far as I know and the upload went great. Once in iTunes connect I had the message that because of a beta I could not push apps...
  16. L

    5s retreiving photos deleted 1 year ago

    Does anyone know why my 5s has retrieved photos I deleted over a year ago and put them in my photo app? Have I accidentally uploaded them from icloud or something? Any help appreciated, thanks in advance
  17. F

    Office apps upload blank docs to Google drive

    Now this might not be an iPad issue but I've only encountered it on my iPad Pro, so I thought I'd post it here. When I create a word document or a PowerPoint on my iPad Pro I try to save it to my google drive as that is where I store everything. But whenever I do this the document or...