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  1. Z

    Managing user accounts as a small company

    At my company we use 5 MacBooks, in the current situation we use 3 of those with one and the same Apple ID which is far from ideal. Now I got enrolled to the Apple Business Manager which doesn’t really makes much sense to me yet. The only wish I really have is to manage multiple user accounts...
  2. B

    Migrate user account

    Without going into too much details I have to do the following: I need to create a new user account on my Macbook Pro (Catalina), because the old user account does not work anymore. In order to ensure that the new account will be usable as the old account I want to copy files and folders from...
  3. A

    How do you live with a small amount of SSD?

    Hi all. Since the new minis make us suffer through the T2 chip, I wanted to know how people are getting by on small amounts of SSD. I have a 3rd gen Mac Pro and can't afford the jump to the new beast. I don't want to pay the Apple tax for going to a 2Tb internal SSD on the device. Ideally, I...
  4. Vandal.

    Scheduled User Account Locking?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to have my user account require a password only at certain time periods in the day (like 5PM to 7AM). Is anyone aware of a solution in MacOS or a third party app that might be able to do this? Thanks a ton, V
  5. M

    I changed the account name on my Admin account and now I can't log in

    Macbook Pro 2017 running on macOS High Sierra. Okay, so I can log into my computer fine (so far) but if I were to try to make changes, like in System Preferences and it asked for my Admin Username and Password, both slots show up empty and if I put in my username and password as they are, it...
  6. N

    Internet down for one user but not another

    Hi, I'm running an iMac 27" Late 2009 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 on macOS High Sierra. My wife's internet kept dropping earlier today and now won't connect at all. It works on our iPhones, MacBook Pros and on my user account on the iMac, but not her user account on the iMac. I have reset the...
  7. sherships

    Help! Locked out of user account!

    Hi, When I start up the computer I get the following message: "This computer will restart to a secure, Safari-only system for the Guest user." I've logged into iCloud via another computer and find my mac is not turned on. Any ideas what's going on?
  8. C

    user account issues

    Somehow I messed up my user accounts for my Macbook Air. I have two different users accounts, both of them say Standard, and no administrator account. I want to delete one and change the other to an administrator account. Also, for some reason, my password is not being accepted by either...
  9. caspian915

    1 user has no internet, works fine for other user

    Hi all -- I can't quite find solutions to my situation so if anyone has an idea or can point me to a thread, I'd appreciate it. My MacBook Pro (early 2011) has 2 users on it, myself and my wife. We just restarted internet service in our new place with the ISP. I've had problems with it going in...
  10. M

    Log of Change from Standard to Admin User?

    Does OS X store information in any log about when an administrator changes the user level of a certain user - by selecting “Allow user to administer this computer” under users in systems preferences? Background: We noticed that a certain user suddenly has admin privileges but would like to know...
  11. J

    Trouble logging in since update to El Capitan

    Ever since updating to the new OS, the users on my computer have trouble logging in to their user account. What will happen is as soon as you start to type a password the computer will run off about 11 characters, making it impossible to enter the proper password. The only way to correct it is...
  12. W

    New SSD, Howto restore user account without media?

    Hope someone can offer advice. I am upgrading my mac with a 240GB SSD and 3TB HDD. My plan is to put the operating system and User accounts on the SSD and place the media folders (Music, Video and Photos) on the HDD. Current usage size of 1TB Drive for User account is about 700GB. What is the...
  13. A

    Resolved Whats the deal with user accounts?

    Hi everyone! This is my first Mac, so stick with me here! I have a user account set up for myself, as well as my husband. My account is the Admin, and his account is just a standard user account. I also have FileVault enabled. I've noticed that when I close my MBA, and then he comes to use it...