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  1. purdnost

    A Few Bugs/Quirks in Apple Card UI in Wallet

    Are these affecting anyone else? 1. If I tap the "Pay Early" button and then tap on "Show Keypad", the payment circle moves to the top of the screen and inside the circle, the text reads "NO INTEREST CHARGES", but it's awkwardly placed as it overlaps the circle. 2. There's no way to hide the...
  2. BigPictureGuy

    iPhone X iPhone X network speeds

    I've noticed a significant jump in network speeds from my iPhone 7 to the X. Just curious what others are seeing and with what carrier? Mine is with Sprint.
  3. gus_0001

    I saw a redesigned Apple Music, so I (kinda) redesigned it again

    Hey guys, just finished my first UI project! Would be really happy for you guys check it out! Here's the link for the Medium post:
  4. PeLaNo

    How animation in ios 11 actually works ?

    How it’s works ? Sometimes it expands from icon, sometimes it’s slide from left to right. This behavior is so confuse. Added videos Slide from left to right Expand
  5. Z

    the growing void for a smartphone UI geared for adult business professionals ?

    Pardon this rant but...... As of last week, I moved (not by choice) from an iPhone 6, running "8.2.something" to new shiny 6sPlus running 10.3.1. And… what an eye opener that was. 6’1” 210 lb guys shouldn’t cry, but sometimes it’s just that bad. I feel like I now need to run out and buy a shiny...
  6. U

    Is it just me, or is Apple's ability to create attractive UI styling gotten pretty poor?

    When iOS 7 first landed, I nearly blew a head gasket. I do UX design for a living, and many aspects of the new flat design language (at least Apple's take on it) just rubbed me the wrong way. I think they got some things right and (in my option) other things pretty wrong. This point is basically...
  7. M

    Need advice on iOS app UI design

    I'm currently writing an app and I'd like someone's opinion on my current design choices. Any feedback can be publicly posted here but I'd feel more comfortable sharing my designs privately as I am writing this app on my own. I've never written an app to be submitted for the App Store before...
  8. N

    iPhone What's your third-party keyboard for iPhone?

    Hi everyone, Would love to hear your best keyboard for iOS at the moment and why!! :)
  9. grahamperrin

    GUI/UI/UX/human interface design blunders in applications for Mac OS X

    Mac OS X including OS X and macOS excluding iOS GUI = graphical user interface UX = user experience human interface as in OS X Human Interface Guidelines … The question What design blunders have Mac users experienced recently? For starters An application that requires: Shift-click to...