1. Jamesconnery

    Using Terminal to access utilites and boot manager

    I am hoping some one knows how to access the repair/restore and boot manager using Mac Terminal rather than using the standard keyboard commands.
  2. dilmerv

    Launch Menu - a fully customizable menu is now available!

    Hey guys how are you doing ! I am the founder and creator of "Launch Menu" which I developed in my own time as part of a new startup company called "Apps Fab". "Launch Menu" is a very handy tool which I personally use to quickly access my most used files, apps, and folders. The app is super...
  3. G

    What happened to the OS11 Notes utility!!!

    I use the Notes utility regularly and have recently been forced by Apple to update to OS11. The new version of this tool is all but useless as several of the features (like forward/backward keys & basic punctuation marks in the ‘turned’ menu) have now gone. The whole utility has a different feel...
  4. gk_plastics

    Haste - Search Utility for the Web

    Hi all, I'm Go - Programmer / Co-founder of an indie software maker Plastic Software. A while ago I posted the public beta of Haste, a Mac App that saves you valuable time by making your daily web search faster and more efficient here. We added several features and improvements to the beta...
  5. nt-authority

    How to Find Wifi Password on Mac ?

    This is easy, just go into key finder and then click show password. Then, Mac asks for admin password. You type it in and it spits it out. But, I do not know the admin password. Also, I am running in a standard account, so I can't create a root user. Help, Plz ?
  6. gk_plastics

    Haste (Public Beta) - A macOS app to search the web faster

    Hello everyone, I'm a app developer at Plastic Software, a small indie software maker based in countryside of Japan. We have just released the public beta of a macOS utility app named Haste, hoping that it helps us Mac users to search the web faster. We are planning to submit the app to Mac...
  7. pamarcu

    FitPlot Printer Utility

    Hello, I am the creator of FitPlot, a layout program for images and pdf, just released [version 6.2.0] on the Mac App Store. FitPlot aims at solving the repetitive tasks you can have in your daily print job. It includes many features such as: • Space optimization [nesting] • Print more copies...
  8. Etch.bee

    Mozilla problem

    hello all ... Iv got this from digital footprint .... Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 10_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/603.1.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.0 Mobile/14E277 Safari/602.1 And they say ... Each website you visit sees the information shown below which may be used to identify...
  9. ResonanceL

    Universal Clipboard, a mild extension to the built-in one

    I'm an indie developer working on my apps in my spare time. It took me around a year to revamp this app inside out, I hope you'll enjoy it :) +Clipboard - Copy and Paste Text/Emoji/Image If you have any question about this app, you can reach me on Facebook or Twitter!
  10. BEugene

    Universal Countdown++ by Sergey Astakhov

    Countdown++ Sergey Astakhov Genres: Utilities $ 0.99 Countdown++ is a neat app that has been designed to primarily serve the purpose of a good-looking countdown clock on your iOS devices. Easily accessible, Countdown++ has been wrapped in a good design and loaded with features. It makes sure...
  11. Randomizer

    Best Utility for mux, conversion and metadata these days?

    Last time around it was iFlicks 2 vs ivI vs VideoDrive. Are these three still the best? I've been using iVI for sometime now and I'd like to see some updated opinions. Side question - does tool allow for the additional of extras? IVI will convert them but they all seem to end up as their own...
  12. C

    iMac 2012 Booting to OS X Utilities & Macintosh HD missing

    I am having a rather big problem. I have a iMac 2012 with a fusion hard drive. When I boot up the iMac it plays the chime but then loads straight to OS X Utilities. I am then given the 4 options pictured. I have tried everything. This problem occured when recently (since Monday after I...