1. honglong1976

    5.1 from Airport Express possible?

    Hi. I have an airport extreme and airport express. I use VLC on an old iPad connected to a projector at one side of the room, which uses airplay to stream the audio across to the other side of the room to the airport express connected to a Sony BDV-E370 via an optical cable. The best I can get...
  2. yellow8

    SubShifter - An app to shift your subtitles

    SubShifter Meet SubShifter, an incredibly simple app to shift your subtitles files in seconds. Select your file, select the shift period, hit the "Shift" button, save the results. Done. SubShifter: supports macOS Mojave Dark Mode supports the TouchBar supports Drag & Drop You can download...
  3. Pepss_95

    Macbook pro TB 2017 battery drained very fast

    I had the Macbook Pro 13” 2017 TB approximately since the release of the 2018 version, the battery was all good at the beginning. Recently I realized the battery statred being drained very fast, so I did some kind of test. I watched a 60 min mp4 1080p video on VLC and it drained 50% of the...
  4. E

    VLC no longer plays DVD from other region

    I have a Macbook Pro that I bought in 2014. It came with Mavericks installed and I never bothered to update the system until last year when the hard drive crashed and I had to reinstall everything. I have Sierra now. Before the crash/update, I was able to play DVDs from any region using VLC, but...
  5. MacSoftware3

    Newer version VLC?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it isn't possible to compile a newer version of VLC (with support for playing YouTube) on an older version of Mac OS X (10.4.11+). If that's possible, how can someone start with doing that? I was wondering this because we also have TenFourFox running on 10.4.11...
  6. F

    VLC 3.0.1 - HEVC 4k x265

    I just installed new VLC 3.0.1 on 2017 15" Macbook Pro and it is running all my 4k HEVC content flawlessly with very low CPU usage. Looks like they have finally added hardware decoding. Results are much better than IINA. I also have a 2016 13" Macbook Pro Touchbar (2.9Ghz i5) and it didn't make...
  7. O

    Help with Quick Look feature

    Hi folks, Somehow I made VLC my default player for the Quick Look feature. Now every time I select an audio file and hit the space bar it opens through VLC, which I don't want to. How do I turn it back to the default and lighter preview of Quick Look? It looks silly, but I still didn't figure...
  8. ianrobertdouglas

    iPad SMB to network drive works in VLC, but not PlayerXtreme

    I'm trying to set up a wireless home movies network for my kids, sharing a folder on an external USB drive via my MacBook Pro and WIFI. I bought and tried to use PlayerXtreme Media Player PRO to set up a SMB connection, but it fails. I can connect fine via Browser, which allows me to copy...
  9. jparker402

    Editing (Cutting) Digital Video

    Have a couple of really novice questions about videos. Have been having slides and a few 8mm films digitized. On one of the films I found a very short segment that I would like to send to my brother. I have a 2015ish MacBook Air with iMovie on it and VLC. He has an older MacBook Pro and I...
  10. Sovon Halder

    What Happened To Hardware Acceleration in High Sierra?

    I read in some threads that VLC already supports hardware decode. Even a VLC developer said this. To me and to my specific usage, VLC is pure horses**t. It's the worst player being intensive resource hog that doesn't seem to think about battery at all. I found IINA and have been using it since...
  11. psionicsin

    Apps Access Folders/Files from Mac via VLC on ATV4/5?

    Hey guys, I just can't seem to figure this out with VLC on Apple TV, and sharing folders to view form my Mac. What are the exact steps of what I need to first do on my Mac, in order to browse folders and watch files off of my computer from VLC on my Apple TV 4K?
  12. E

    Streaming Live Audio Between Devices

    Hi all, Looking to crowdsource some ideas. We are trying to stream live audio from one room to another across a local-only* wireless network. *this is of particular relevance as we have had issues with getting certain devices, especially iOS ones to stay on a local-only network. We are...

    Universal Remote for VLC - A Free app to control VLC Media Player on PC & Mac

    Hello everyone, I'm Adarsh, an Indie dev, I've been working for more than three months on my first iOS app, finally I've launched it on App Store :). My app is called Remote for VLC (aka VLC Mobile Remote), it's an app to control VLC Media Player on Windows, OS X or Linux. Please give it a try...
  14. bobesch

    Handbrake and VLC on PowerPC

    I 've encountered this "32-bit Handbrake asking for a 32-bit VLC" issue today. Couldn't really figure out, how to solve the problem when reading this thread: "32 bit PPC version of Handbrake not recognizing PPC version of VLC"...
  15. Stjepan

    Video playing from a network drive?

    I can't seem to find a video playing app with one basic feature: to play videos from a network share?! Is there a special reason for this or I'm not seeing something obvious? It's one of the basic "use cases" I had when buying iPad, and now I can't get it to work!? So, the movies are on a...
  16. T

    Extra CPU or better disk?

    I have an old Mid 2011 Mac Mini (2,3GHz i5, 8GB) that is starting to slow down. It lags on 1080p movies in VLC and unpacking big +4GB .rar files takes a long time. I am therefor thinking of buying a new Mac Mini. I will definitely buy the top model, but I am unsure of custom options. I want...
  17. P4ulypops

    iPad Pro Camera Adaptor :: Videos

    Hi All, I'm going to Hospital for a big op, at the end of the month - and i'll be in there for a couple of weeks... I have a iPad Pro, and a USB3 hard drive filled with video-content i've aquired over the years; MKVs, MP4s, AVIs... I'm not sure of all the formats, but Plex plays them all. I...
  18. M

    Adding subtitles to a DVD on my mac with VLC

    I have bought several German DVDs that do not have subtitles. Previously I have been able to add a subtitle (.srt file) using VLC and play the DVD with that on my mac. Now I can’t get it to work anymore. The selected subtitle file shows up as a selectable subtitle track in the subtitle menu, but...
  19. M

    VLC on AppleTV 4G won't read anything from Mac server

    My setup is relatively simple: I have an iMac with Apple's Server app doing file sharing (SMB enabled for shares), a hardwired gigabit network, and a 32GB AppleTV with VLC on it. VLC sees the iMac on the network, and when I enter a valid userID and password it connects... but then just gives an...
  20. UhFive

    Apps VLC for Apple TV released!