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  1. phrehdd

    Which VPN are you using and for what devices?

    As many clamour to make their systems more secure, some add VPN to their arsenol. Which VPN service are you using and why? Which devices of yours take advantage of VPN. Why individual VPN for each device. vs VPN on the router? Thoughts? I'm giving a quick investigation myself and was curious...
  2. doalex

    Help with VPN over PPtP (Primo VPN) on Catalina. Work but loosing my internet on Mac...

    Hi ! I need help with an issue with a VPN I just buyed to connect to my work computer. Help with the software team seems to be inexistant or so slow that I wont get an answer before Christmass time. I'm able to connect to my job without problem, but after this I loose my Internet on my Mac. I...
  3. L

    Norton screwed my Mac

    Hi Folks I installed Norton Security Deluxe on my MBP. It started making things wonky so I uninstalled it. However my VPN stopped working since then. I also am unable to access most VPN Provider websites since then. Safari does not even load those websites (ExpressVPN, NordVPN, VyprVPN). I am a...
  4. countryside

    VPN for Apple Watch?

    Howdy, I use ExpressVPN on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I don’t have a VPN setup for my Apple Watch. I have the cellular version. Does anyone know if ANY VPN service supports Apple Watch? Is it even possible on Apple Watch? Thanks!
  5. T

    After VPN disconnects, no Internet

    Hi, I'm running Mojave 10.14.6 on a mid-2014 MacBook Pro. I have a VPN and while using it I navigate the Net but when I disconnect from the VPN I can't access the Internet. Can you tell me how to rectify this situation? Sorry if this has been addressed in other threads but I looked and...
  6. G

    Only Transmission traffic through VPN

    Hello, I would like to use my favourite torrent client, Transmission, over a VPN service but at the same time I do not want to direct any other traffic therethrough. That is, I want to use my VPN service only for torrenting with the Transmission client. I intend to use NordVPN service and I...
  7. pipetogrep

    This is how I audio chat with Bonjour on OS X Tiger over the Internet

    Hi all, A buddy of mine and I wanted an easy way to IM, audio, and possibly video chat on our PPC Macs. After looking around for existing programs that still worked we settled on the idea of using Bonjour with iChat since it's built in and requires no setup. The problem is we live on opposite...
  8. D

    Unable to establish VPN connections (VPN configurations and Personal)

    Since updating to iOS 14, all of my VPNs have stopped working. I use AdGuard Pro's local VPN configuration to block trackers and ads. It's infuriating that every time network environment changes, it takes between 1 to 20 minutes for a connection to be established. It's not a connectivity issue...
  9. S

    VPN on Demand working, but addresses with FQDN cannot be resolved

    Hi everyone! I'm using an iPhone 8 with IOS 14.0.1 (updated yesterday from 13.5.x - not an iOS version issue I guess). I have setup VPN on Demand with below XML profile that I found online (I tried various, but this is the one that works ... somewhat). I'm at home (for testing) and disabling...
  10. Michael Adams

    Looking for feedback from ZeroTier users

    Hey everyone. I know I'm new here as a user, but have been here on & off as a lurker. My wife is a former Apple employee, and I grew up using the pre-MacOS hardware (more a WinLin guy now); I've had to do my fair share of MacOS support in IT. Anyway, I started working for ZeroTier last week, and...
  11. S

    What's the best (free) firewall & VPN for MacOS?

    Hi, Hoping to find a best available & free firewall and VPN for my MacBook air. Firewall: I've read some of the reviews about AntiVirus Bit Medic and am not sure I really understand the tech speak. Saw Paragon software in the apps store too and that seems solid, but I am no expert. VPN...
  12. ajmichmac

    New to VPN - How does router's VPN compare to NordVPN?

    NordVPN user for some time now. Recently got a Netgear R7200 router [aka AC2100] which includes VPN features. Is a separate service like NordVPN necessary? Or is the router's VPN sufficient on it's own? Aging brain won't wrap around what seems likely a very simple/basic understanding.....
  13. MentalFabric

    Best bridge router for VPN?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a router I can configure to bridge internet from an Orange Livebox in France via ethernet and funnel any devices connected to this new router through an L2TP VPN to an office so we can use a networked phone there and potentially connect Macs to if it has better wifi than...
  14. E

    Catalina crashing in sleep mode

    Every day when I wake my computer in the morning I get a message that says that my computer restarted due to a problem. I thought that maybe it was Plex that was causing the crash. But I have turned off Plex and still have the same problem. Apple support stated that it might be my VPN (which I...
  15. IDMah

    Resolved Safari and VPN choking on is Spyware?

    Hi all. Just one of those irritants, I can't get on the site because won't allow my vpn past it. Windows user consider this a sign of spyware. But I can't find an extension or anything else. All works fine in firefox but safari nada. Just...
  16. VHHess

    iPhone Using NordVPN (or other IKEv2 VPN)? Try this workaround

    I've encountered cases where using the iOS app does not let me connect to select services, protocols or apps (such as banking, software update check and downloading App Store updates hangs or takes repeated attempt to connect to the profile. I may delete the stock NordVPN app and use this method...
  17. Yoms

    How to automatically turn off a VPN for select website?

    Hi, Please tell me if I should post this in macOS Mojave rather than here. I'm using ProtonVPN and have their app installed and running on Mojave 10.14.4 A website I absolutely need is able to detect that the IP I'm using comes from a VPN service. It wouldn't be so annoying if the said...
  18. HappyDude20

    Can Anybody Recommend a Great VPN?

    Hello all, I’m looking for a VPN to install to my new MBP. I feel like every other YouTube video has an influencer recommend another VPN service and I don’t know which to trust. Obviously one that is fast and reliable are preferred. Free would be spectacular.
  19. geekycheesecake

    So I just saved 88% on Five Years VPN subscription

    Howdy Forum Memebers, I was using PureVPN previously on my Macbook Pro MD 101. My subscription expired like 2 months back. I just received an email from their Customer Support about their "Cyber Week Deal" They are offering 88% off on Lifetime (5 years VPN plan). The tag price was $657 but on...
  20. NJGuy78

    VPN Suggestions: iPhone and MacBook

    Hello! I'll be traveling to Europe soon and looking for suggestions on a good VPN that I can use on my iPhone and MacBook. I'm not the 'techiest' person, so something that I could easily login to and use would be preferred. Thank you all in advance!