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  1. M

    Local Synology VPN IP lost after disconnecting from VPN Connection

    I've set up a VPN server on Synology, yet once I disconnect the VPN, that formerly working Mac IP address (works before VPN is connected) is no longer working. Even reconnecting the VPN after disconnecting it doesn't work -- can no longer reach the Synology VPN server. Is there a way to...
  2. I

    WatchOS 10 and VPNs

    I heard one can now use a VPN with watchOS 10, how does one do this? Thanks
  3. Johnny1068

    VPN "not configured" - but still works normally?

    Hello Maybe a dumb question but here goes… NordVPN updated its app for older OSXs a while ago. I am using Mac mini 2011 with High Sierra and Nord 7.13 version should work with it. But after the update Mac’s vpn icon on the top bar says “VPN is not configured”. The network settings just shows...
  4. O

    iPhone Do I need 1Blocker if I now have NordVPN?

    So recently purchased NordVPN and prior to that I only ever used 1Blocker full version. Now NordVPN is a must for me, however, should I keep on using 1Blocker? Is it still effective and even worth it if I have NordVPN or should I delete it? or should I continue to use both?
  5. V

    Noob question: best way to access my own network

    Hi, So I’m just looking for what the best option is here. I’ve managed to setup a raspberry pi with pihole (proud of that). I bought a Synology Nas for backup and Plex (got that working as well). I use a Asus RT-AX86U router with the latest version of merlin. So I’m looking for the best wat...
  6. M

    VPN for high Sierra

    Hi. I just paid for and downloaded 24 months of Surfshark which I'm immediately having to cancel & have refunded because the off-the-shelf version doesn't work with 10.13 (.6) High Sierra. To save me a bit of time, can anyone suggest a reasonably priced VPN that works with my older mac and...
  7. Farrol

    Google One VPN Client Problem

    Hello, I have two MBPs Intel with the latest version of Monterey and am trying to get the Google One VPN client to work. I was able to install the pkg from the DMG without any problems. When I start the app, the Google VPN symbol for the client appears in the menu bar at the top. When you...
  8. mercerjt

    Troubleshooting why Third-Party VPNs won't connect

    Somehow with either 13.2 or 13.2.1, my Mac won't allow any third-party VPN to work/connect right. I'm looking for any advice folks have before I throw myself at the mercy of Apple Support troubleshooting. Here's what I've tried/confirmed: Isolated the issue to my Mac Studio. No issue with VPNs...
  9. C

    macOS Ventura L2TP VPN - Missing?

    Not sure if I'm missing something here - or if Ventura is... Just wiped my MacBook Air M1 and installed a clean copy of Ventura 13.1 (usually wait for .1 updates to try to avoid early bugs - ha..) I have for years had an L2TP VPN connection into work - but now when I go to try setting it up...
  10. bogdanw

    Alternative to VPN connection in the new settings app

    For me, the VPN menu in Ventura’s settings app didn’t work properly. WireGuard and IKEv2 connection were not always initiated when toggling the button. I’ve deleted the Ventura volume today, but I’ve saved this AppleScript I used to easily connect to VPNs. Maybe someone finds it helpful. set...
  11. B

    Universal 1Blocker VPN

    Can I use the VPN that’s in 1Blocker to change my virtual location from the US to Canada (or anywhere else, for that matter)?
  12. M

    VPN L2TP not stable

    Hi! Having here Ventura 13.0 and very much troubles with keeping a VPN-Connection stable (route whole traffic through the tunnel). Connecting to our VPN (Ubiquity UniFi Network Application 7.2.95) is quick and OK. Downloading data and files after connection ist quick and OK. But uploading data...
  13. D

    eSIM + VPN is a disastrous combination

    VPN issue has persisted for years that the connection would drop when network environment changes or when CPU usage is high (when I'm updating apps). Reconnecting takes 3-4 minutes (all local VPNs that filter DNS, no traffic is routed to a remote server, so it's not an internet issue). Now...
  14. IDMah

    iPhone 11 turning on VPN - could it trigger new iPhone.

    Hello All. I got a notification my Apple ID is being used by a new iPhone. Could turning on my VPN cause iCloud to think it's a new device? Not particularly concern, just curious.
  15. hassiman

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Is There anything that can protect your iPhone/computer if you need to connect to public Wi-Fi in an airport or hotel?

    I was just wondering if there is anything that can protect your iPhone/computer if you need to connect to public Wi-Fi in an airport or hotel? My wife may need to use her Win laptop to connect to her office if something critical comes up when we are on vacation. I was thinking about a...
  16. W

    Will Apple Watch use iPhone's VPN?

    Hi all Considering getting the upcoming AW 8. However, I use a vpn on my iphone and in my experience this has caused some issues such as AirDrop between my macbook and iphone not working perhaps because airdrop thinks that my macbook and iphone are on different networks, due to the vpn...
  17. PowerPCFan

    Do you use antivirus and VPN on Mac?

    I use no protection, but should get some!
  18. Tobby

    VPNs are not as convenient as advertised

    Hi I would like to tell you my experience of using a VPN. This post is for those of you who don't subscribe to a VPN service and maybe wondering about doing so. I have used two of the major services, and I will try to only mention experiences directly correlated to a VPN service and not a...
  19. G

    Mac permissions change while on work VPN?

    I have my own personal Mac that I use at work. It seems that every time I VPN into the work network my terminal permissions change along with the hostname. It seems that they are able to manage my Mac. I do use Outlook signed in with my work credentials, but I am not sure if that allows them to...
  20. W

    Cannot use AirDrop while connected to VPN

    Hi all AirDrop is a beautiful feature and I really enjoy using it. It works just fine when I am not connected to VPN, but the moment I do, it stops working. I am connected to VPN, both on my phone and my macbook. I read somewhere that there is a config/setting that can be changed that will...