1. tobiastimpe

    MP All Models Any good source for proper wallpapers for 5K & 6K displays?

    Hello everybody, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but I figure more people will face a situation similar to mine. Where do you get wallpapers for those stunning 5K and 6K displays? Preferably even a little bit wider, as I would like to account for the bezel. I have been unable...
  2. z970mp

    PowerPC Wallpapers

    Here's a refreshing idea out of left field. Let's make or find custom wallpapers for our artful machines and pin them here under differing categories, so that they can be shared with everyone and the rest of the world. :) The base idea is that since most of these Macs had creative, sometimes...
  3. allan.nyholm

    I have to ask.. is your Desktop & Screensaver section slow also?

    Hi, So what I've been wanting to ask for a number of weeks and months is this; when in System Preferences and the Desktop & Screensaver portion of same - Is this also so painfully slow that browsing and adding wallpapers is a minute long process at times? For instance I have a series of...
  4. alex0404

    iPhone New Live Wallpapers & HD Backgrounds App

    Hello, This is my first thread in this amazing website. I'm a mobile developer from many years. Today I have release a new App for iPhone users (soon will be made for iPad users). The app name is: Live Wallpapers HD Backgrounds. With this app you can choose amazing live wallpapers and HD fixed...
  5. Rck1984

    High quality/resolution wallpapers for iPad (Pro)

    I often hear people ask me “Where did you get that awesome wallpaper for your iPad?”. There has been several threads asking about wallpapers too. So, I thought i’d share these awesome websites with a huge amount of high resolution pictures: -=[ Unsplash.com ]=- -=[ Pexels.com ]=-...
  6. Princess Cake

    Original Wallpaper folders from Cheetah-Tiger

    I'm trying to put together a complete set of every wallpaper that has shipped with OS X, from Cheetah all the way up to High Sierra. I know there is a collection that claims to have everything but the images are renamed/spread all over/edited. I'm wondering if anyone has unedited extracted...
  7. J


    Anyone knows where to find these wallpapers in full hd?
  8. MacQork

    iPhone X I made some iPhone X wallpapers

    Hey all, I was searching the web for some nice wallpapers for the iPhone X I hope to receive in a few weeks. I could only find a few wallpapers that really took advantage of the new OLED screen i.e. using a lot of black in the wallpaper. So I thought, might as well make them myself. Some are...
  9. C

    General iOS wallpapers are horrible

    OK, someone has to just say it: iOS default wallpapers are horrible and Apple need to get its **** together. So yeah, every new major OS usually brings new wallpapers and while they are maybe the most unimportant part for everyone, they are, at least for me, one of the coolest part about the...
  10. binarts

    iPhone Live Wallpapers

    How do you like Live Wallpapers on iPhone? Maybe not so interactive as on Android, what you think? Since i wanted to create some ive put together face recognition with morphing and the result is here : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/face-morph-live-wallpaper-free/id1215226855?ls=1&mt=8 Write...
  11. Gamer9430

    Project: Complete Collection of Mac OS Wallpapers

    Original Post: So this isn't exactly PowerPC related, but being that this involves PPCs and that this community usually is open to helping out with fun stuff like this, I figured I'd post this thread here. I've always thought that it would be awesome to have a complete collection of every...
  12. litlirishone

    Dynamic Wallpapers: Why are these still even a thing?!?

    Just wondering, does ANYONE even use these? I'm not talking about the Still Wallpapers or the Live Wallpapers; I'm wondering about the black sheep in the iOS Settings under Wallpaper. Dynamic Wallpapers have been there ever since iOS 7 and I have yet to see someone use one as their go-to...
  13. adepew

    iPhone Classic iOS Wallpapers

    So I originally posted this in the wrong forum (iPhone) the first time. Now that I've migrated my photos from Flickr to Google Photos I thought I would put this in the proper place. Links: iPhone 6/6s/7: https://goo.gl/photos/s13Bud3Cbgww7vMa7 iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus...
  14. Te0SX

    Winter Stayed ~ Wallpack

    All photos named as their photographers, downloaded from unsplash except one, a beautiful shot by Tomas Bartko that he shared with me long ago. Search to find the originals. Mods for every taste. Size varies, from 1080 to 5K, many 16:10 this time to fit most of the screens. + Bowtie -...
  15. 1wallpaperfactory

    iPhone iPhone 7 Wallpaper Request Thread

    Despite having the same wallpaper dimensions as the iPhone 6, thought the iPhone 7 might spark some unique creativity. Looking forward to see what people use. Here's mine in parallax and non-parallax sizes. Helps remind me the return on my investment :)
  16. PrinceKickster

    Asking for ultimate iOS stock wallpapers dump until iOS 10

    I don't know if a similar active thread for this actually exist somewhere here in MacRumors Forums because I'm totally a new member here. I'm humbly asking for all the wallpapers exist on iPad and iPhones that's been added until the very last major iOS release; iOS 10. Also I want to ask for the...
  17. adepew

    iOS Wallpapers Remastered

    I was looking for remastered versions of original iOS wallpapers but could not find any. So I decided to make my own and thought I would share with the community. I will put up links for each version of iOS. Currently I am working on iPhone 6/6s but if there is enough interest I could do iPhone...
  18. buttongerald

    Stock Wallpapers

    Greetings all, I was wondering if Apple has bundled in any new wallpapers with macOS 10.12? I know it's really early in the game, but this is something I always look forward to seeing. New features are great of course, but this is always a sweet little treat to look forward to. Regards, Gerald B
  19. D

    May I ask you for the additional wallpapers / screensavers ?

    Hi to all, Unfortunately I'm one of those excluded from the 10.12 update (for no apparent reason, I've to say), but I'd like to ask you at least those (supposedly to be present) fresh new wallpapers: both the Sierra-related and those placed in the /Library/Screen\ Savers/ folder. It would be...
  20. 3dfiction

    iPad Free 2560x2560p 3D Art Wallpapers

    i would like to share my 2 pieces high resolution 3D Art and Fractal Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad if you like premium pack at http://3dfiction.com/download-mobile.htm