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  1. 1wallpaperfactory

    iPhone iPhone 7 Wallpaper Request Thread

    Despite having the same wallpaper dimensions as the iPhone 6, thought the iPhone 7 might spark some unique creativity. Looking forward to see what people use. Here's mine in parallax and non-parallax sizes. Helps remind me the return on my investment :)
  2. PrinceKickster

    Asking for ultimate iOS stock wallpapers dump until iOS 10

    I don't know if a similar active thread for this actually exist somewhere here in MacRumors Forums because I'm totally a new member here. I'm humbly asking for all the wallpapers exist on iPad and iPhones that's been added until the very last major iOS release; iOS 10. Also I want to ask for the...
  3. adepew

    iOS Wallpapers Remastered

    I was looking for remastered versions of original iOS wallpapers but could not find any. So I decided to make my own and thought I would share with the community. I will put up links for each version of iOS. Currently I am working on iPhone 6/6s but if there is enough interest I could do iPhone...
  4. buttongerald

    Stock Wallpapers

    Greetings all, I was wondering if Apple has bundled in any new wallpapers with macOS 10.12? I know it's really early in the game, but this is something I always look forward to seeing. New features are great of course, but this is always a sweet little treat to look forward to. Regards, Gerald B
  5. D

    May I ask you for the additional wallpapers / screensavers ?

    Hi to all, Unfortunately I'm one of those excluded from the 10.12 update (for no apparent reason, I've to say), but I'd like to ask you at least those (supposedly to be present) fresh new wallpapers: both the Sierra-related and those placed in the /Library/Screen\ Savers/ folder. It would be...
  6. 3dfiction

    iPad Free 2560x2560p 3D Art Wallpapers

    i would like to share my 2 pieces high resolution 3D Art and Fractal Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad if you like premium pack at
  7. S

    Rose Gold MacBook 12" Wallpaper

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to put this so it's here. I've just bought a beautiful 12" MacBook and my search for a perfect wallpaper has begun. At the Apple's website I've found this picture which you can see below and I'm wondering if someone knows where I can find this wallpaper in high...
  8. M

    iPhone SE Wallpapers Request!

    Good day guys. Can someone please share the new wallpapers from the iPhone SE? I have been searching but only keep finding the one from the Space Gray and Rose Gold device but they are low res are slightly different. If anyone Here is kind enough, can you please share the wallpapers from your...
  9. -BigMac-

    Why Apple needs better Default Wallpapers

    I believe, there should be more focus on Default Apple wallpapers. Hear me out. Firstly.. Leopard and Snow Leopard OS's- those had some nice new wallpapers, for that time. Look, not everyone loved them, but they were at least fresh. But now.. half the desktop wallpapers are from 2-4 years ago...
  10. TRDmanAE86

    Creating custom wallpapers for iPad

    I have a iPad Air running iOS 7.1.2 Recently one of my friends changed the wallpaper on my iPad (as a joke) and, I can't set the original one back because, the image is zoomed in all the way and, I can't resize it to make the image smaller. From past experiences, i've solved this problem by...
  11. Riwam

    Beware of Windows 10 "Spotlight"

    Thanks to the kind information of Shirasaki I learned of this new feature of Windows 10. It downloads from Bing well made professional photographies and offers them to be used as lock screen. :rolleyes: In my case I had installed in my old MacBook 4.1 early 2008, Windows 8.1, parallel to my OSX...
  12. ronanstark

    iPhone Exclusive Live Wallpapers App

    Wanted to share our newest app: Ink Exclusive Live Wallpapers Here's the app preview App Link : Price: $1.99 (Launch Sale) I did include promo codes without realizing they weren't allowed so i moved them.
  13. JacksonCraig94

    Post HD wallpapers / Homescreens.

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a new wallpaper / Homescreen so I thought I would create a thread asking everyone to post their wallpapers / Homescreens. Please post HD wallpapers / Homescreens that you think look great on a iOS device.