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  1. Alfred.Woodden

    Macbook Pro 14 base model gets luke warm on palm rests with light tasks

    I've noticed that my new M1 Pro 14 base model gets slightly warm on the palm rests when doing very light tasks like having Mail and messages running in the backgorund and one or two safari windows with 4-5 tabs in each and installing or updating say Firefox. This causes my palms to get slightly...
  2. embotix

    Warning if you run AdGuard & Creative Cloud on your new MacBook Pro (tip if your new MBP seems to be running warm)

    I absolutely love my new 16" M1 Max MBP. The screen is beyond gorgeous. But after a few days, I was noticing that it seemed to feel a bit warm. Never to the point of being "hot", nor did it ever make any noise, but it was measurably running warmer vs. my previous 13" M1 MBP. I wrote it off to...
  3. V

    iPhone 13 Pro Yellow tinted screen/ overly warm screen

    I have both iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, and the Pro is having overly yellow or warm white balance, it is especially noticeable at night or during the day looking at a white webpage or white icons, and with true tone one, it is basically really warm/yellow tinted white point. Turning off the true...
  4. lbdesign

    iPad Mini 5 heat issues (warm , hot)

    I love my new iPad Mini 5 (an upgrade from a Mini 4). It's fast, zippy, fluid. But I am noticing a big difference in the normal operating temperature between my old Mini 4 and the new Mini 5. What has your experience been? When I'm using an app that plays video — like Youtube or Zoom. It...
  5. rgetter

    MBA sits closed, gets warm, shows ?folder? icon (??)

    I have a really nice mid-2013 Core i7, 1.7GHz MBA running High Sierra. Right after I bought it, I installed an OWC Aura Pro X 480GB SSD and installed High Sierra. Every so often, after I leave it sitting closed for a while (sometimes a few days, this isn't my primary computer), I'll return to it...
  6. BR3W3R

    Other iPhone 7 and X warming up with normal usage?

    Good afternoon, as of late or since iOS 11.3 to be exact I have noticed my phones becoming warm when using almost any apps, not hot just warm. Apps I notice it most with are, Snapchat, Tinder, POF, Meetme... (Sorry single) and others such as safari. Does anyone else have this? Is it normal?
  7. Z

    iPhone XS Iphone XS - Getting warm, but not hot. What's going on?

    I've noticed my Iphone XS gets warm even when doing very "easy" tasks, and it does this reasonably fast (a few minutes or so). It does not get hot, ever, only warm(er), and generally at the bottom of the screen. I have not noticed such a behavior on my other phones, including my previous SE...
  8. BR3W3R

    iPhone X iPhone X warming up when using apps like Snapchat, Tinder, mostly anything really

    So for the past few months at least that I have noticed apps such as Snapchat, Tinder, mostly anything really warm my phone up a bit, not really noticeable in my hand but when pressed against my face or top of my hand I notice it. Can only really notice it though if case is off? Does this...
  9. S

    iPhone X iPhone X warms up quick?

    Just wondering if anyone else has the same issues or if its just normal over all. My iPhone X gets warm not hot or uncomfortable after about 10-20 minutes of continuous use, wheather it be Facebook, Safari, Twitter, Apollo, mostly anything. I am wondering if its normal for it start feeling warm...
  10. B

    iPhone X iPhone warms up scrolling through Facebook?

    My iPhone X has been getting warmer when browsing facebook just wondering if it is normal? I checked the temp with a thermometer and it was at 90 degrees Fahrenheit in a 72 degree room just scrolling and reading after 20 minutes of straight use. Is this temp normal?
  11. BR3W3R

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7 and X heat during phone calls and other uses.

    Was just wondering if its normal for a phone to warm up during a phone call, during a call today that was 6 minutes roughly 7 minutes I noticed my phone was warmer, roughly 90 degrees according to thermometer. Also warms up using safari and facebook to about that same temp after 10 minutes of...
  12. Quester23

    iPhone X iPhone Temp

    When I put my iPhone against my skin specifically he top right corner it feels warm. I borrowed a thermometer from a friend and t was reading 88-91 when using reddit, safari, and outlook for about 20-30 minutes. I’ve read some people say it’s normal and others not so I was hoping some people...
  13. N

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 gets warm

    Hello, my new iPad Pro 10.5 warms up after 5-10 minutes in the lower area (around the home button). Not very much, but noticeable in comparison to the upper range. At high brightness this is worse than at low brightness. Can anyone confirm the problem?
  14. P

    2015 MBP High Sierra Warms up in sleep/standby.

    Hey folks, I had some issues with High Sierra not waking up from sleep properly after the upgrade from Sierra. While troubleshooting this, I noticed that when the machine was awoken from sleep by lifting the lid, it would be warmed up. After a clean install of High Sierra, the "wake to a black...
  15. B

    Iphone 7 heating bottom/home button

    Hello everyone. I've bought an Iphone 7 (iOS 10.3.3) less than a month ago. I really love the phone and everything though after the first week I noticed how the bottom part behind the home button starts get warm after using it for 10 minutes. Spotify + bluetooth headset causes this, browsing...
  16. M

    2017 TB MBP Sticky Trackpad

    Has anyone here encountered an issue where when the computer is warm, the trackpad becomes sticky and refuses to click down in certain areas? This only happens when Force Click and Haptic Feedback are enabled in system preferences. Quick test is to open up 8-10 tabs of YouTube videos. My 3 week...
  17. B

    iPhone 7 gets warm when in use after drop

    I recently dropped my iPhone 7 in Apple silicone case onto concrete. No visible damage but I noticed that when I'm using the phone the bottom right area (where the loudspeaker located) is slightly warm to touch. It even gets warmer when I'm listening to the music through the loudspeaker. Is it...
  18. audiosmurf

    2015 13' rMBP sluggish, Facebook unusable on any browser

    I've had the 13 inch 2.9ghz rMBP from early 2015 for a while, it's become quite slow to the point where Facebook is just unusable on any browser. Cycle count is only around 120, anything I can do to speed this up a bit? Also gets very warm frequently. Thanks.