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Aug 8, 2016
I love my new iPad Mini 5 (an upgrade from a Mini 4). It's fast, zippy, fluid.
But I am noticing a big difference in the normal operating temperature between my old Mini 4 and the new Mini 5.
What has your experience been?

When I'm using an app that plays video — like Youtube or Zoom. It gets warm.
When I'm charging it on the supplied adapter, it gets hot. If it's in use and charging, it gets really hot, even just reading News. I'm actually afraid that charging it while using it will reduce the battery's life from the heat causing accelerated chemistry aging.

I don't remember the Mini 4 ever getting warm. I realize this has a faster processor, but figured they'd have worked this out. The heat when charging seems to be evenly distributed across the whole case, not all in one spot like with an overheating processor. Thx.


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May 4, 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
I have the mini 5 and actually experience the heat during heavier usage being more evenly distributed on this one compared to my older iPads (mini 2 and pro 9.7). It does get hot while charging, but not more so than the older ones. I have not used it while it’s charging though.
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