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  1. XboxEvolved

    When will Apple stop releasing new watchOS for S6?

    The Series 6 is probably what would be considered the “baseline” Apple Watch nowadays, meaning the two generations after it were essentially the 6 with minor improvements, the 9+U2 being the first significant update in regards to the processor. It appears that Apple has settled on a 5 year...
  2. A

    Service replacement Series 4 won't pair with my iPhone (iOS too old)

    I hope I c an get some advice/guidance here. I had a series 4 with WatchOS 9.3.1 paired to my iPhone 14 Pro Max on iOS 16.3.1. The watch developed a battery problem with a battery needing service message. I took it into the local Apple Store and they replaced the watch instead of repairing it...
  3. KeanosMagicHat

    Apple watchOS 10 Double Tap on latest watches only – disappointing

    The instant I saw the Double Tap feature on watchOS 10 I thought gimmick (unless of course it is being used as an accessibility aid in which case it's fantastic). Less than a minute later, however, I quickly changed my initial opinion and realised just how useful this could potentially be in...
  4. medialook

    Walk / Run workout - Steps count

    Hi there. I wanted to check is there a way to show how many steps I did in a walk / run summary? I'm aware I can do maths - total steps after vs before but would be nice to see it in the summary as per attaxhed screenshot. Thanks
  5. fb3993

    Upgrade Apple Watch only to Beta software?

    Hi everyone, I have a spare Apple Watch where I'd really like to try the beta watchOS10. However, when trying to upgrade from phone it says to first upgrade the phone to the beta. I don't want to do this as I don't have a spare phone. Anyone has a nice workaround for this? Thanks!
  6. I

    watchOS 10 - Measurement / Calculation of Total Calories wrong

    Hi Guys, as you can see in the screenshot, the total calories calculation seems to be wrong. I am 32 years old, 1,75m tall and 90kg of weight. I did a heavy crosstraining - workout today and used the watch from sleep tracking over daily use, to the workout at the gym until now. The activity...
  7. myusernamedoesnotmatter

    Apple Music A small feature i'd like to see on Apple Music

    I would like to be able to see song lyrics on Apple Watch on Apple Music. The watch has enough screen estate to fit lyrics. That's all.
  8. Mr West

    Wrong date on modular watch face

    I am having a weird bug on my S5 modular watch face. Often, it gives yesterday's date (both day and date). The calendar settings and app icon in the watch give the right date (and so does my phone). I can either wait a couple of hours for it to correct itself or simply restart the watch. It...
  9. Xand&Roby

    Apps Apple Watch, Watch OS, and Apple's total inability to write code.

    A few months ago an S3 with WOS 8 started doing absurd readings on Activity, Movement ring, reading 1,000,000 calories per day consumed. With Apple we tried everything, nothing worked, I took it to service at the Apple Store and they encountered hardware issues. Okay, I thought, it was an old...
  10. C

    Why can't Apple Watch Control playback from iPad/Mac?

    We all know how seamlessly Apple Watch works with iPhone, Specifically with Music, Podcasts, etc. integration with the Now Playing app on Apple Watch. I'm aware of accessibility features and the remote app that allow Apple Watch users to control music playback on other devices, but it's so...
  11. S

    How to reinstall WatchOS (not erase all settings) but actually wipe and reinstall the OS

    I would like to wipe the OS on my AW 6 and reinstall it. I have a problem with Siri that would not go away after erasing, unpair/repair. I see there is now the option to recover the watch here But this only works if the watch prompted the Phone/Watch...
  12. mbirth

    After update to 8.4.2 the new "Unity Lights" watch face is missing

    With watchOS 8.4.1 I was happily using the "Unity Lights" watch face on my AW7 Nike edition. However, after installing today's update to watchOS 8.4.2, the watch face is gone from the watch. I can still see and configure it in the Watch app on my phone (updated to 15.3.1), but it's completely...
  13. dev_mdak

    Universal Timewave App

    Hi ?. I’m a student developer from India working on an app called Timewave. What exactly is Timewave? At its core, Timewave is an app that allows you to create flowing timers, i.e chains of timers that fire one after the other. You can create workouts, cooking timers, pomodoro timers, etc...
  14. Mr. Dee

    Speaking out loud - updating my Series 3 to watchOS 7.6

    This morning, I updated my iPhone X to 14.6 from 13.7, after updating, it said my Apple Watch is outdated. So, I said, alright, how bad could it be to update to 7.6? Well, I finally experienced what others have been complaining about. The unpairing process is not as bad as I thought it it would...
  15. Applecool78

    What You think or would like at WWDC21?

    What You think or would like at WWDC21?
  16. Sebosz

    Apple isn’t serious about Series 3 updates…

    What the heck? Two months ago I was frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t do anything to update my Series 3 Watch. I had to erease everything and then it finally updated. Since then it spent all this time on the charger. I didn’t restore the backup, didn’t set anything up, it was just erased...
  17. BryceXXXX

    Apps Fitnexx: Counts the repetitions of workouts automatically

    Hey all! I'm currently a student at Carnegie Mellon, and i wrote a fitness app named Fitnexx, which detetcts your motion and counts reps automatically. Since there are so many Watch enthusiasts on this forum, i thought someone may find it useful.
  18. matts_ego

    Phone Call Issues on AW S4 on 7.01

    Apologies if this has a thread already, but is anyone else experiencing issues with their watch announcing calls after the WatchOS 7/7.01 update? I don't know if it's specific to the Series 4 Cellular model, as that is the one that I have. If you have experienced this, were you able to fix it...
  19. J

    Mobility metrics

    I’m running iOS 14 GM on an iPhone 7 Plus and WatchOS 7 GM on a Series 4. I’m not getting any of the mobility metrics updated besides VO2 Máx and 6 minutes walk. Is there an age for the features to start working like EGC? Country? Any special setting for them to work? Thank you,
  20. J

    Good Morning Screen

    I’m running iOS 14 GM with an iPhone 7 Plus and WatchOS 7 GM with a Series 4 and I’m not getting the good morning screen after I wake up with the alarm on. Is there some condition to be met in order to get it? Do I need to turn do not disturb while sleeping in the settings app, even though sleep...