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  1. mbirth

    After update to 8.4.2 the new "Unity Lights" watch face is missing

    With watchOS 8.4.1 I was happily using the "Unity Lights" watch face on my AW7 Nike edition. However, after installing today's update to watchOS 8.4.2, the watch face is gone from the watch. I can still see and configure it in the Watch app on my phone (updated to 15.3.1), but it's completely...
  2. dev_mdak

    Universal Timewave App

    Hi ?. I’m a student developer from India working on an app called Timewave. What exactly is Timewave? At its core, Timewave is an app that allows you to create flowing timers, i.e chains of timers that fire one after the other. You can create workouts, cooking timers, pomodoro timers, etc...
  3. Mr. Dee

    Speaking out loud - updating my Series 3 to watchOS 7.6

    This morning, I updated my iPhone X to 14.6 from 13.7, after updating, it said my Apple Watch is outdated. So, I said, alright, how bad could it be to update to 7.6? Well, I finally experienced what others have been complaining about. The unpairing process is not as bad as I thought it it would...
  4. Applecool78

    What You think or would like at WWDC21?

    What You think or would like at WWDC21?
  5. Sebosz

    Apple isn’t serious about Series 3 updates…

    What the heck? Two months ago I was frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t do anything to update my Series 3 Watch. I had to erease everything and then it finally updated. Since then it spent all this time on the charger. I didn’t restore the backup, didn’t set anything up, it was just erased...
  6. BryceXXXX

    Apps Fitnex: Counts the repetitions of workouts automatically

    Hey all! I'm currently a student at Carnegie Mellon, and i wrote a fitness app named Fitnex, which detetcts your motion and counts reps automatically. Since there are so many Watch enthusiasts on this forum, i thought someone may find it useful.
  7. matts_ego

    Phone Call Issues on AW S4 on 7.01

    Apologies if this has a thread already, but is anyone else experiencing issues with their watch announcing calls after the WatchOS 7/7.01 update? I don't know if it's specific to the Series 4 Cellular model, as that is the one that I have. If you have experienced this, were you able to fix it...
  8. J

    Mobility metrics

    I’m running iOS 14 GM on an iPhone 7 Plus and WatchOS 7 GM on a Series 4. I’m not getting any of the mobility metrics updated besides VO2 Máx and 6 minutes walk. Is there an age for the features to start working like EGC? Country? Any special setting for them to work? Thank you,
  9. J

    Good Morning Screen

    I’m running iOS 14 GM with an iPhone 7 Plus and WatchOS 7 GM with a Series 4 and I’m not getting the good morning screen after I wake up with the alarm on. Is there some condition to be met in order to get it? Do I need to turn do not disturb while sleeping in the settings app, even though sleep...
  10. A

    Apple Watch series 6 - which one to choose

    Hi, I currently own a 38mm aluminium AW series 3 Wi-Fi + cellular (never used the cellular part) & I’m looking at upgrading this year. My current one has a cracked screen and has markings on the casing, so I don’t like the idea of getting the aluminium one again. I’m also looking at getting the...
  11. Tekzilla

    Update issue?

    I've been trying to put the newest update on my Apple Watch Series 1 yesterday and today and I keep running into problems. Sometimes it get stuck on Verify (Most common), sometimes it tells me it can't access the update due to an error and sometimes the app won't recognize an update. It's all...
  12. S

    IOS 14 + WatchOS 7 Beta 2

    Hey all, After updating my Apple Watch S4 to WatchOS 7 Dev Beta 2 along with iOS 14 Dev Beta 2, I was surprised to see that my watch battery drained from 100% down to 0% in less than two hours. Is anyone else having this issue with the 2nd WatchOS beta?
  13. KillerScoregasm

    Lite WatchOS

    Is it just me or do a lot of you all think a lot of folks could benefit from a lite watchOS option? Not only for older devices but for those who just don’t need/want all the extras. I bought my watch with the intention of using all the time and now I use it to read text without pulling my phone...
  14. Mr. Awesome

    WWDC vs. September event

    Thought I’d ask this question that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Which is your favorite Apple event each year? The September iPhone event or WWDC keynote? I personally enjoy WWDC more because it brings new features for all product lines, and it’s always exciting to see new things at...
  15. 1

    Apple Watch Calendar Missing Events - Am I the Only One?

    First, the tech specs: Apple Watch Series 5 with LTE, watchOS 6.1.1 iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS 13.3 I'm posting this in hopes to hear that I'm not the only person with this issue. I have a strange problem, where the native Calendar app on my watch will not display about 90% of my calendar events -...
  16. ApostolisApo

    iOS Building an Apple Watch app in SwiftUI

    Some impressions and tips for anyone willing to try SwiftUI in watchOS and in general:
  17. P

    Watch 5 blink screen under warm light

    Not always but sometimes under warm (and sometimes one of a hundred under strong bright daylight) light my screen blinks when turn my watch to see the time . It’s for 1/10 . I thought it was hardware issue of the screen or the sensor but when you have that kind of hardware issue it’s always...
  18. jjm3

    watchOS 6 / iOS 13 - Int'l Women's Day Activity Award craziness

    The new updates seem to give the 2018 International Women's Day award an identity crisis! It's now hollow in the "all" view, and has new purple confetti in the "close up" view. Hmmm....
  19. I

    watchOS 6 and iPhone 6 Incompatible?

    So I have an iPhone XS with Watch Series 3. I've updated to iOS 13 and WatchOS 6 respectively. Now, I usually pass on my old tech to my parents. My mother is using my iPhone 6 on iOS 12. Does this mean my Watch Series 3 can no longer connect to the iPhone 6? If so can I roll back the WatchOS...
  20. K

    Meridian watch face

    I see a lot of pics of the Series 5 watch with the Meridian watch face (rectangle face with 4 complications in the middle). Does anyone know if it’s exclusive to the series 5? I have the watchOS beta but don’t see it. Please advise.