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  1. E

    Apple New iOS Version Polls

    Hey forumers! Don't you agree that Apple should have a poll on their website for like two months with a list of new features and we would be able to select our top 5 features? So that, the majority of votes for the five different features would be the main components in the newer versions of...
  2. S

    Anyone updated to 3.1.3 Dev beta?

    Just want to make sure it installs fine and doesn't brick the watch like 3.1.1 beta did Edit: I installed it, didn't brick the watch :D
  3. OCDMacGeek

    I discovered an exploit where the Apple Watch won't lock despite total break in skin contact.

    Update: If you're trying this, please do two things: (1) If it doesn't work, try the technique a second time in a row, and for me it always works the second time -- not sure why. (2) Can you please try something else? Forget the heart rate trick and just lift your Apple Watch off your wrist...
  4. ipedro

    watchOS 4

    In just 15 months, Apple has released three Watch operating systems. It looks like they finally settled on one that is fast, organized and that knows what it wants to be. With that out of the way, Apple has no doubt started work on watchOS 4 where it will begin polishing the experience while...
  5. AppleDavid

    watchOS 3 support?

    Hello! What do you think, will the first gen. Apple Watch get watchOS 3? Regards, David
  6. D

    Apple WatchOS Beta install

    Was wondering if theres a way to download the beta software for Apple Watch without the developer id, had it on my watch at one point but uninstalled and now can't find the site to which I downloaded the profile
  7. elecont

    Universal [NEW]Apple Watch and iOS weather app

    eWeather HD now on Apple Watch AppStore link: New eWeather HD introduces unique Apple Watch app that provides: * hour-by-hour weather forecast, temperature of air, sky conditions, "feels like"...