white screen

  1. Z

    White screen at boot

    On my 27" corei7 mid2010 iMac, i get every now and then a white screen, that seems to cover up the users login page. This occurs just before the Apple logo and the Chime sound. Normally when this occurs, thinking that its a freeze, i do a restart by using the power button. But today i acted as...
  2. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 Cannot boot into Windows 10 with RTX2060

    Hi guys, I'm using my old Mac Pro 5.1 2020 with an RX580 as a gaming desktop and using Windows 10 only - MacOS isn't even installed any longer, apart from the recovery stuff. Today I received an RTX2060 and popped that in but now Windows doesn't boot at all. All I see is a white screen...
  3. O

    Macbook Pro 2011 only launching in safe boot and install "a required download is missing"

    Hello all, I recently found this macbook piled up in my Dads garage and thought id take a look at it, there was no HDD, RAM or power supply. I have installed them my self, with a new SSD and 8GB of ram, upon booting it i noticed there was a graphical issue, so I've disabled the external GPU in...
  4. A

    MacBook Pro 16 inch white screen during update

    Hi everyone! I bought a MacBook Pro 16 inch and after restarting in order to install latest update the screen became white for some seconds and then continue normally. Later I decide to reinstall os Catalina and when restarting the same thing was happened. White screen for some seconds and...
  5. J

    Help with no boot - white screen

    Hi all, I need some assistance for a reoccurring problem with a iMac 2010. The problem has run through many phases over weeks (beginning with black screen with thin vertical white bars) on start-up, but through finally getting it to boot with a CD and reinstalling the existing OS it appeared...
  6. rcfernandez79

    Rx 580 running in Mac Pro 3.1 only in safe mode

    I ve installed a Rx 580 gpu in my Mac Pro 3.1 early 2008. It works only in safe mode. In normal mode, only white screen. Any help??
  7. R

    Single White Screen Flash At Startup

    Hello, I’m looking for some help and or suggestions to an issue that has been happening with my MacBook Pro 13” running OSX Sierra. The problem started a while back but had stopped for a while, but the issue has started again. What happens is, the computers screen seems not to wake from...
  8. joaofrn

    macbook pro 2011 white screen even trying boot clean install

    just wanna fix my macbook 2011. not even a new clean instal from pen drive works. still give me an white screen. an ssd with windows installed works on this mac, thas just increadable. i thought at first it was the video card problem and i would have to throw away the macbook but since hes...
  9. TRDmanAE86

    iPod touch Ipod Touch 4th gen random respring after powering off?

    With my 4th gen iPod Touch, I've ran into a interesting problem that's happened a few times upon powering down (it happens sporadically whenever I initiate the shutdown procedure). After I slide to unlock, as its shutting down, it keeps showing the spinning circle for around 2 minutes. Then the...
  10. benydc

    White Screen Boot Loop - IPod Touch 4G

    Hi, I have this iPod which goes into bootloop, I tried restorting from iTunes and get Error 9 code. I tried to get the SHSH bloobs but never had the success. Has anyone seen this problem before or anything I can try to fix it? The white screen has apple logo and some colored lines. Check pic...
  11. F

    Help! White screen on MacBook Pro

    Help Please ☹️. My MacBook Pro won’t turn on- showing a white screen with a no entry sign. Any ideas?
  12. AppleMacFinder

    Resolved Force 2011 MacBook Pro 8,2 with failed AMD GPU to ALWAYS use Intel integrated GPU (EFI variable fix)

    If you don't have time to read my story (which also describes some interesting technical approaches) just scroll down this thread until a "100% WORKING SOLUTION" text Discrete AMD GPU of my 2011 MacBook Pro 8,2 has finally failed because of the reasons mentioned here (...
  13. G

    Sceen white and not booting

    My 27" iMac 2.8 gig core duo just now shut down and when restarted only had a white screen. I was opening iTunes when my mac al of a sudden shut down. It tried to restart on its own but indicator bar only went about 70% and a white screen came up. It shut down again and tried to restart again...
  14. danilko1

    Theory on iPhone X color choices and Nov 3rd Launch

    I am reviewing some of the leak videos. I notice that some of the iPhone X sample parts are white faced screens and also shown was blush gold, like the iPhone 8... I am now thinking, Apple canceled blush gold and the white face... This either increased production of the screen for one color...
  15. Porygon2z

    iMac on reboot loop

    Hello, I'm new here. All of a sudden my iMac turned off and then entered to an endless reboot cycle. The status bar under the apple logo only gets to almost half the line and then it restarts again. I've tried recovery mode but it doesn't do anything. I tried safe mode but when I do that it...
  16. LucasLand

    mail app white screen

    my mail app on my iphone7plus has crashed. its stuck on a white screen. all other apps work fine. I've restarted phone , including a hard reset, and nothing. I even deleted and reinstalled the app. it still goes straight to a white screen
  17. redff

    Macbook Pro after start up: flash, black screen and continues beep, "13 mid 2010

    Hi, I have a Macbook Pro "13 mid 2010. Upgraded my RAM (from 4 to 8), replaced my battery and placed a second hard drive a year ago. My Macbook was as new until a few days ago. It started crashing a few times. giving sometimes black screens, white screens, blue screens, green stripes all over...
  18. janeauburn

    White or black

    I love both the white front (gold) and black front iPhones. Which did you get and why?
  19. realpancake

    iMac 2010 wont go past startup, strange blinking!

    Hi, So I tried to do a little research before I posted anywhere but I've not found many with the same issue as me. I recently was having problems with the screen going black / off after working for a while. I was working with it on the lowest brightness as any higher would just make the screen...
  20. G

    Macbook Pro "15 2009 WHITE SCREEN

    Hello people, Well this is my first post, I´m glad to join to this community. This is my problem: I have a Macbook 15" Mid-2009 Unibody which was working really well, then my hdd died so I changed it and turned it on.. The only I got was the CHIME sound and white screen. There's not icon...