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  1. 81Tiger04

    M1 MBP Wireless Specs

    Are the wireless specs for the new MacBook Pros listed anywhere? Are they good? I am trying to get my wife to upgrade from her current computer due to wonky wireless issues. How does this computer compare to the new MBP?
  2. Cactusface

    MP 1,1-5,1 My new? Mac pro 4.1/5.1

    Hi All, It's been a long time since I had my hands on a Mac pro, it ran something like Snow leapard!! I have just got myself a Mac pro 4.1 upgraded to a 5.1. I was a bit mysified by the no-boot screen, but understand that's down to the graphics card... But it also has no W-Fi...
  3. P

    iPad Pro iPad Pro (2020) kills Wi-Fi

    We bought an iPad Pro 2020 (11") a few months back. At first, it constantly killed off our Wi-fi and we had to restart our router (TP Link TD-W9980). I turned off all the automatic uploads to iCloud and background app refresh. It was stable for some time, but now if I watch youtube on it for too...
  4. seyoon_c09

    Spontaneous Wi-Fi to Cell Data Switching

    Hey everyone, I've been an iPhone 11 Pro Max owner since April and am wondering if this is a widespread issue or perhaps it's a defect in hardware. I've noticed as of late that my phone will bounce to cell data while in a perfectly functional Wi-Fi network at home. I'm running iOS 13.5.1, and...
  5. M

    Finder in Catalina is less stable than other previous OS?

    I have the impression that Finder in Catalina is less stable that what it was with previous OS. I'm having some tedious issues but all them seem to have Finder in common. Some examples: - Finder / Network, looking for 2 different machines (Imac + Imac + MacBookPro 16"), all connected to the...
  6. L

    Wi-Fi speed for mac book pro 16

    Hello, I plan to buy a MBP 16 soon, I read some threads of people having some low Wi-Fi speed, significantly worse than what they had with older laptops in the same conditions , and connection drops solved by turning off and on the Wi-Fi. Is it just a few particular cases ? Do the majority of...
  7. P

    Mac connects to Wi-Fi but not internet

    Hey, all! My iMac is having problems connecting to the internet, though it connects to the Wi-Fi just fine. It’s running macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.6. I constantly get the message “VPN Connection Please enter your authentication information” I found out that my son used a torrent and a...
  8. N

    No connectivity after wake

    Since upgrading my router (it's my ISP's standard, nothing fancy), every time I open my MBP's lid, I can see it connected to my Wi-Fi, but there's no internet access. The workaround is pretty simple, turn Wi-Fi off and then right back on. But it's getting old fast. I've been trying to find out...
  9. M

    HomePod Sending messages on HomePod works 25% of time

    I am making this thread to see if anyone else is having similar issues with the HomePod personal request feature in particular sending text messages using the speaker. I have done extensive research, and I have come up with the goose egg. I have an iPhone X and it is on the same 5Ghz AC wireless...
  10. B

    AirPort Extreme Booting Users

    My office uses an AirPort Extreme for our WiFi network. We've been having problems for months. At first, it was simply dropping altogether. No one could access it. No one could even find it. It was still solid green status light. Now, it boots users from the network, requests a new...
  11. idboy

    Wi-Fi issues after updating to Hi Sierra

    1.after upgrading my macbook to hi sierra my wifi drops after few second and need to reconnect again after that the wifi channel is change automaticly from 5 ghz to 2,4 ghz. 2. when using scan tools via wireless diagnostic the app crashing iimmediately. 3 i already try deleting plist on system...
  12. U

    Toggling the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi switches in control centre does not change status in Settings App

    If we toggle off the button for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in Control centre, it switches off there. However, the wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons do not change their state as shown in Settings App. In other words, the toggling in Control Centre does disconnect the connection but does not change the status...
  13. captaindj2006

    best wifi config wit Apple extreme & macbook pro

    HI All, I have 2016 MBP retina and 2013+ Apple Airport extreme. I currently have ATT fiber 1gbt plan. I'm constantly getting a 345mbps connection directly from att wifi. I'm ready to add my airport to the network. what's my best config? 1. hook it up to router with cat 5 and connect wifi to...
  14. Etch.bee

    Mozilla problem

    hello all ... Iv got this from digital footprint .... Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 10_3 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/603.1.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/10.0 Mobile/14E277 Safari/602.1 And they say ... Each website you visit sees the information shown below which may be used to identify...
  15. elibenhur02

    Help me please with multiple iPhone 6S problems.

    Alright so recently my phone has been having all kinds of problems and I'm really not sure what to do about it. My iMessage keeps crashing and whenever I try to send a text, the text sends but then the app crashes. Some of the photos I take end up as solid gray photos. My wi-fi will not function...
  16. Applebik

    Wi-Fi: No Hardware Installed on MacBook Pro 2015. Need help from Expert Mac Users/Devs

    This question is from a experienced mac user (me) who has literally searched the entire web and still hasn't got the answer. So to start I got a MacBook Pro 2015 on Sierra. Two weeks earlier, one moment the Wi-Fi was working and four hours later there was the no hardware installed problem. I can...
  17. seme332

    Time Machine Backups on Time Capsule

    Hey Guys, I think this problem started when I installed Sierra, but I cannot be 100% sure actually. So I got a 2TB Time Capsule a while ago because I wanted to be able to wirelessly backup my iMac and MacBook. I setup the whole thing and even use it as a router. All of this worked fine on both...
  18. bemed

    Wi-Fi Problems

    Hi all, I have a 2015 15" rMBP and I am struggling with the wi-fi. The connection drops every 5 minutes since I installed Beta 7. Does anyone knows what I can do to solve this? Thanks
  19. juliengarcia

    OSX Network: Incoming traffic interface and outgoing traffic interface are not the same

    I'm on OSX El Capitan / Yosemite, and I've a strange behavior. I have the ethernet and Wifi interface enabled. The network interface order is set to WiFi then Ethernet, due to some proxy limitation on our internal network. I'm connecting to my mac with the ethernet ip to our web server, there...
  20. tom123

    MacBook wifi & the router

    MacBook connects to this router just fine but seems to Drop it every once in a while, like when checking mail or surfing to a new URL. Cincinnati Bell uses: Zyxel VSG1432-B101 - Router ( I even tried deleting the 4 preferences.plist per notes osdaily...