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  1. T

    Recommended Wireless Charger

    Hi, I'm an iPhone XS user that has been looking for a great wireless charger for a little while now. I've looked at the guide on this website as well as other guides around the internet but I'm still not sure. I'm not really looking for the fastest wireless charger as this would be a bedside...
  2. westislander

    Am I the only one? (AirPods 2)

    Hey guys! I'm planning to buy AirPods 2 very soon but I've noticed that everyone's going for the wireless charging model. Am I the only one not willing to fork over a significant amount for the model with wireless charging? I use a wireless charger to charge my iPhone 8 Plus and I find it...
  3. bonjourx

    Whats the difference between the two wireless chargers?

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a wireless charger that's a bit faster than the old mophie...
  4. J

    Wireless Charger for Leather Case

    Just got my Xs on Friday, love it so far. I also purchased an Anker wireless charger and my Apple leather case sticks to it and kind of peels off when I remove it from the charger, especially after charging it overnight. Wondering if anyone has some tips, I'm considering putting a cloth down...
  5. rmoliv

    Buy wireless charger or wait for AirPower?

    Is there any prediction as to when AirPower is being released? Should I buy from a third party or wait? If it’s more than 2 months away it’s too much. I’m tired of cables.
  6. B

    iPhone 8(+) Wireless charging through a spigen case

    Hi folks, I’m wondering if anyone has any experience of using wireless charging on an iPhone 8 with a case on? I use a spigen case with the metal plate in so I can use the magnetic mounts in my car. Will wireless charging work through the case and metal plate?
  7. biliblisama

    With a wood wireless charger

    Wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy new year!;) I do wrote a thread before about asking some information for this charger, but there is no experience response. I bought two of them, have these for a few days and wanna to show you guys my experience, how it works and help for your...
  8. Cwolk

    Wireless Car Charger 7.5 Watt?

    Does anyone know if a 7.5 Watt wireless magnetic car charger (that connects to the vent) exists? There are many car chargers available, but the ones I've seen only support up to 5 Watts. Is the car unable to support faster charging-speeds? Thanks. Update: The new Belkin one that will be coming...
  9. biliblisama

    Any one have experience with this wood wireless charger? Like the color wanna to know more!

    Just got an iPhone X, searched on Amazon and find this wood one. ↓ Does color is the same? Any one have real picture?↓↓ Does any one got this? How's that working?↓↓↓
  10. T

    MOPHIE wireless charging pad not working

    I bought the MOPHIE changing pad for for my iPhone X and i'd say about half the time, it doesn't work. Has anyone else had the same issue? I lay it on the pad and sometimes it just refuses to charge. I'll adjust it, change the orientation, pick it up and put it back down, but nothing. and other...
  11. kinster

    RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger iPhone X 7.5W Max Qi £34.99

    I got the Mophie, but I reviews also say this is a really good wireless charger. Bargain at £34.99...
  12. TechNismo

    Best Wireless Charger

    What is a a good wireless charger for the iPhone X (other than the Mophia and Belkin one Apple sells)? I want one that is cheaper than the one Apple is selling, but still decent quality. If possible can you also add the link to your comment.
  13. A

    iPhone X Overheated when using Wired and Wireless Charger Simultaneously

    So the iPX got super hot and shut down while i was doing a wired charge on my iPX (IQ USB port; 40w charger), AS WELL AS resting the phone onto my wireless Anker charger as well. the iPX was wirelessly charging for approximately 10 seconds before I took it off. It was already warm from being...
  14. J

    Added inductive charging station to my car

    I had 45 minutes to kill this evening, so I modified a wireless charger and installed it in my car to create a hidden inductive charging station for my iPhone 8 Plus. My car’s a 2017 Ford Fusion, and it has a recessed area underneath the infotainment system (in the center console) which fits an...
  15. MacDevil7334

    Qi Chargers - Am I missing something?

    So I recently got the iPhone 8 and would like to buy a Qi charging pad for my desk at work. I’m not wild about shelling out $60 for this so I’ve been looking on Amazon. The Anker one people have been recommending here appears to no longer be available from Amazon anymore so I was looking at this...
  16. S

    App for measuring charger current

    Hi folks. With the introduction of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, I've been thinking a lot about chargers. I definitely plan to get a Qi charger this fall. I see the new iPhones will charge at 7.5W speeds using Qi. Not only do you need to buy a wireless charging pad that supports that speed, but also...
  17. K

    PopSockets and Wireless Charging?

    Does anyone use popsockets on your iPhone case but also want to be able to use the new wireless charging!? What are you doing for this? I tried mine and it connects for a few seconds and then disconnects from the wireless charger.
  18. A

    wireless charging on iPhone