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wireless charging

  1. Pendleton115

    iPod Bluetooth iPod Classic with Wireless Charging (Mod)

    I've been a member of MacRumors for quite some time now, but never thought to share my work here. I Thought you all might be interested in my most recent project, an iPod Classic 5th Generation that I have added Flash Storage, a larger battery, Bluetooth and Wireless Charging! The iPod can...
  2. gregconquest

    Off-center wireless charging killed my iPhone 11?

    My phone was on an Anker wireless charger for an hour or two, but it was off center, to the right, about 1cm. The iPhone 11 was in a clear plastic case. The screen was dark, and the phone was very hot to the touch, about like charging a phone in the sun on a hot day. No combination of power...
  3. jollino

    iPhone Optimized Wireless Battery Charging

    Hey everyone, I currently have an iPhone 11, and I've been using a fast charger with a Lightning cable since I got it. Optimized Battery Charging has been doing its thing as expected: I plug it in when I go to bed (say 2 am) and it generally finishes charging by 8:30 am. So far, so good. I...
  4. L

    Magsafe base or mount?

    I like the idea of the MagSafe charger but I'm not a fan of how it comes with the phone when I pick it up. Does anyone know of any companies with a base for it so that the MagSafe charger stays on your desk / nightstand / table? I know other wireless chargers already do this but the MagSafe...
  5. C

    iPhone 11 Pro Sporadic Wireless Charging

    I have an iPhone pro that is in a clear case. I put it on a wireless charging pad and it charges as normal. However I can pick it up and use it for a bit, out it back on the pad and it doesn’t charge.
  6. PinkyMacGodess

    iPhone XS Max Xs Max, Otterbox Defender Pro, and Qi Charinging issues.

    Is there a better Qi charging pad than the Belkin that might work better I get the beep, and even see the light change, and the phone isn't charged. I have been careful lately to make sure that I hear the beep, and I do, but so far, three times it's not charged in the morning. I had no issues...
  7. F23

    Apple Watch charger works w AirPods

    Just discovered that the Apple Watch charger can charge the wireless AirPods. Pretty cool.
  8. S

    Airpods 2 not compatible with Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

    Found that when I place my AirPods 2 on my Mophie Charge Stream Pad+, the white light on the Mophie initially lights up but then starts flashing after a few seconds. According to the manual this indicates the Mophie has detected a foreign object such as keys and has turned the power off to...

    OMG, this qi case for AirPods is amazing

    I just bought this AirPods case from and it works like a charm. It's unlike any sleeve. It's a full replacement of the AirPods case. Tho, it doesn't pair and is for charging only... But it's great enough for everyday use. I have been using it about a day now and I almost forgot it's...
  10. 2

    Looking for a good wireless charging mat for iPhone & Watch

    I've been trying to hold off on waiting for Apple's Air Mat wireless charger where you can charge your phone, watch and airpods all simultaneously but it seems like an eternity and I can't wait no more. I need a charging mat that will charge at least my iPhone Xs and Apple Watch but all the ones...
  11. garycjohnson

    iPhone XS Wireless charging needs accurate positioning

    Hi ... Is anyone else finding that their iPhone XS needs to be positioned much more accurately on wireless charging plates than their iPhone X? I've got three different wireless chargers at work and home. With my iPhone X I didn't need to pay much attention to how I positioned the phone on the...
  12. JaydenWalter

    Cheap and Nasty Wireless Charging Pads (Any Tips?)

    I just bought my first device with wireless charging capabilities (AW4 & iPhone XS Max). I charge my phone at work, my home office, my bed side table and lounge room. I am a stickler for high-quality products but as this is my first wireless charging product and still relatively new technology...
  13. BlankStar

    Wireless charging Airpod case & AirPower?!

    Where the hell are they? Has everybody forgotten they got announced last century? (exaggerating for extra drama) It was announced on September 12, 2017... We're June 12, 2018! What's going on with all those products getting delayed for so long...
  14. KeanosMagicHat

    Other Wireless Charging - Don’t Understand The Appeal on iPhone

    As the title says, I’m struggling to understand the appeal of wireless charging on an iPhone beyond a particular set of circumstances. For me personally, I see no use case for it at home. I’ve seen posts from forum members who have wireless charging pads in either their bedrooms or living...
  15. Pndrgnsvc

    Simultaneous Wired & Wireless Charging

    Has anyone tried wired & wireless charging simultaneously? What, if anything, happened? Did faster charging result, or was a ruined device the result? I foresee numerous problems with such a configuration, but sadly, much of what I believe just ain't so...
  16. P

    Charging hub for devices with Qi charging

    Hey all! I just recently discovered the Native Union Eclipse Charger ( and I must admit I already adore the product! It seems very clever and has an incredibly nice design. I would like a hub to reside on my desk to charge Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone...
  17. N

    iPhone Fast Wireless Charging?

    I have an iPhone X. I've read through many articles and reviews about the 2017 iPhones - I'm not sure where I read it, but I've seen that, apparently, wireless charging can be upgraded by Apple to be "fast wireless charging" through a software update at a later time. Is this legitimate? Has...
  18. kmichalec

    Wireless charging question

    For those that have the 8/X, I have a question about the wireless charging. Today, I have my iPhone 7 plus in a thin, clear TPU case, and inside the case (between the case and the phone), I have a metal plate adhered to the case wall, so that when I'm in the car, I can use a magnetic phone...
  19. M

    iPhone X Wireless Charger Issues?

    I had recently purchased two Qi wireless chargers on Amazon for use with my iPhone 7 Plus combined with a wireless Qi receiving case. Here are the two chargers purchased:
  20. jediobiwan

    iPhone X iPhone X Wireless charging while using GPS

    Hey all, Since I'm new to the whole wireless charging thing I'm a bit behind. I got the iOttie Qi car mount (my third of these mounts, definitely my favorite mounts, just with Qi this time). However, I'm running GPS apps like google maps and it only seems to maintain the charge, never increase...