$10,000 PC vs $10,000 Mac for Video Editing

Discussion in 'Alternatives to Mac Hardware' started by nicktendo, Apr 12, 2019.


Which would be better for minimizing render time in Premiere Pro CC?

  1. $10,000 PC

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  2. $10,000 Mac

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  1. nicktendo macrumors newbie

    Apr 12, 2019
    I was wondering if I would be better off in terms of saving render time (effects, codec conversion, etc.) spending $10,000 on a custom PC rig or a pre-built Mac rig. I use Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as Photoshop and Illustrator. Any ideas?
  2. gazwas macrumors regular


    Aug 11, 2008
    Sort of a moot question as Apple don’t make a comparable workstation (yet).

    If your only concern is speed and not specifically into Mac products, until we get news if there is going to be a new Mac Pro later this year the only answer is get the PC in my opinion.
  3. IndioX macrumors regular


    Oct 1, 2018
    for premiere go to windowsPC

    but if you want to switch to resolve > mac
  4. keysofanxiety macrumors G3


    Nov 23, 2011
    PC. Adobe PP is painfully unoptimised for MacOS.
  5. XNorth macrumors regular


    Feb 23, 2018
    United States
    Don’t even try Premeire on a Mac if you can avoid it. And you don’t need to spend $10k. For under $5K you can get a speedy i9, 64G RAM, 2080ti, thunderbolt 3, 10GbE, and a decent P3 monitor.
  6. bsbeamer macrumors 68020

    Sep 19, 2012
    I use the Adobe suite and Premiere Pro CC (currently 2019) on macOS almost daily. The software performs very well and Adobe has made massive improvements in support of Metal in the past few years. I miss CUDA with some aspects of my workflow but Adobe stepping up its game helped a lot.

    You can spend $3k or $30k+ on a system. End of the day, it doesn’t matter unless you know how to use the tools and get the most out of them. If you’re not technically savvy enough to know the difference, spend some time researching.
  7. Zwhaler macrumors 604


    Jun 10, 2006
    PC. Since I use Final Cut, I go Mac. Maybe when Apple releases the new Mac Pro with new Xeons (hoping for Xeon Platinum) Final Cut users will finally get something truly cutting edge. For Premiere, PC for sure. Even when the new Mac Pro comes out, those components are still available on PCs.
  8. vladi macrumors 6502

    Jan 30, 2010
    Please do not spend $10K on video editing machine alone. Save money to buy proper monitors like Eizo and one TV set like Sony AF8 instead. Trust me you don't need dual CPUs anymore for video work, get yourself some i9 or Threadripper for under $1k to be future proof for about 5 years and dual RTX 2070 (or 2060) for render. If you are at gunpoint to work with RED files on daily basis then there goes your ten grand.

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