2012 macbook air motherboard compatibile with 2014 macbook air?


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Jun 28, 2019
I have a late 2014 macbook air that has issues with the motherboard, i should change it and i found on ebay one that is selling for about 100$ which seems a like a good price to me.
The only problem is that the motherboard is from 2012 but the macbook air is from 2014. Can I get the 2012 motherboard in?
Is it compatible? If not why ?
I dont need to connect the webcam, and for the battery i could welder the cables directly on the board. Also the I/O board connector looks to be the same used in the 2014 macbook air
Please tell me if it is compatible (lcd connector, keyboard etc.) and if it isnt, why not.


What could be a cheap solution to changing a motherboard? 2014 motherboards are around 200-250$