2014/2.6 GHz Intel Core i5/ 8 GB RAM up for battery replacement. Recommendations


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Jan 23, 2019
Hi all,

I have a mid 2014 MBP 13 inch as noted above. I started having some unexpected shutdowns and now the computer is showing that it needs a battery replaced. Should I do it at this time or should I go ahead an buy a new one? I had to purchase it after my old 2010 MBP had some mother boaard issues that later on apple did a replacement program, and I don't want to just go ahead and spend 200$ for an old machine that I'm unsure if it will stand a significant amount of time or having some other issue down the line instead of investing on a new machine.
Currently mine runs Ok, no beast here. I do some light photography editing, maybe some audio and video every so often. Sometimes it struggles with chrome on a day to day activities, but otherwise it is ok. I'm also worried in regards to all the bad publicity the new machines have and also concerns of comments in regards to apple moving away from intel. Also the prices on the new ones are significant...


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Jun 5, 2018
That is a call that you have to make. It is probably worth the battery replacement, but as you have noted, there are no guarantees that it will fix the issues that it was exhibiting, nor would it guarantee any additional use out of the computer.

For what it is worth, five years of use is a good life for a computer.

It depends on your budget and what you have saved, but since it sounds like you are unsure, I will throw out a “middle ground” that might help.


Apple’s refurbished Mac’s are effectively brand new machines, come with a full warranty, are eligibile for AppleCare, and can often save you a fair amount of money over new; particularly if you’re buying a refurbished 2017 model.

Sometimes the photo and video companies, like B&H or Adorama, do wicked sales to move old stock. You can also purchase from them and, depending on where you live, avoid sales tax entirely. That could be a potential “savings” of 8-10% or more, depending on your taxes. Downside is that they may not be eligible for AppleCare depending on age.


For example, this one is $700 off list price, and there’s no sales tax, but it is a 2017 model.

It all depends on what you’re looking for, and whether you want to spend the money or not.
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Mar 10, 2016
I have the 2015, and from a performance perspective they're virtually identical. I would certainly hang onto my current device rather than upgrade at the moment. The new 13" is blazing fast and looks great on paper, but I can certainly get my with my current one so I'm just not keen on the risks. I'll be holding on for sure.


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Dec 28, 2009
I think it's best to just get a new battery unless you really need the performance increase a new system would get you. I'm quite content with my 2015 model and will stick with it until I really need to upgrade for works sake.
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Jan 23, 2019
Thank you all, I still have the order in the bag, but less and less inclined to do it. I'm wondering if it really will bring significant improvement to my workflow and also there is the issue of spending $$$$ vs building wealth LOL. Also it is kind of mid cycle for this model.

I guess I'll spend the 200$ and pray for the best.