2016 Touchbar MBP Repair Time

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by tundaware, Feb 2, 2017.

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    Feb 2, 2017
    Sadly, my 2016 TB MBP/2.7/15"/16GB/1TB/Radeon460 that I received in late November died on 1/26/17. Took it to my Apple Store the same day and they shipped it off for repair. Now, a full week later, checkrepair.apple.com still reports its status as "Diagnosing product", going on day 4 of that status. No additional information is available from Apple or the Apple Store I took it to.

    Just guessing that this is a logic board replacement type repair. Given that ordering a new MBP with the same configuration wouldn't deliver until, at best, Feb 16th, I'm starting to worry that will be the approximate resolution date for this. Really wishing I had not already sold my prior MBP at this point.

    If anyone else has had to send this particular configuration in for repair, please share the turnaround time you experienced.
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    I have a similar TouchBar model (2.9/16/1TB/460) which I sent out to repair on 1/28/17. No major issues, I loved the keyboard but some keys were noticeably squishier than others (I compared it to the same model my friend has and the in-store models—my friend's worked perfectly but the in-store model also had a few squishy keys).

    Was quoted a 3-5 day response/turn around time. Five days later on early morning Saturday (2/4/17) I got an email from Apple Repairs apologizing for the delay of the repair and offering to send me a new replacement computer. They said they would process the change immediately upon confirmation and that I will receive status updates via email.

    I responded about an hour after the email was sent and I've never received a status update. I checked my repair status online and it was still listed as "Diagnosing Product"

    So now I'm sitting an waiting. Good luck waiting for yours—I'd definitely recommend reaching out to support and asking about your repair. If it's any consolation, I believe sending out new replacements is prioritized above first purchases, so they should have their own stock and a faster turnaround time.

    EDIT: Got an update this morning (1/6/17) notifying me that my replacement has been ordered and to allow 5-7 business days to complete the request.

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