1. J

    iPhone SE 2nd gen SE2 with shattered rear glass on TMo - replace for $100 under Applecare+ or wait for iPhone13 release?

    Hi everyone, My 17yo shattered the back of his iPhone SE2. Luckily, it's in a case and still usable. It has AppleCare+, so I think it would cost me $100 deductible to have Apple replace it today with another SE2. Would it make more sense to wait for the iPhone13 release? Maybe Apple would swap...
  2. nchiu

    Torn Apple Watch solo loop band

    Mine broke after 9 months of regular use (off/on once a day to charge), and AppleCare refused to care. I get that it’s a physical part that will get daily wear and tear, but Apple sport bands I’ve had in the past at least offer a couple years of use before the glue holding the metal nub gives...
  3. AlexJ092

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple Customer Service

    I have owned an IPhone since 2007 and I am always amazed at the level of customer service from Apple. Just last week I had to make an appointment as I dropped my phone into my cup of coffee, and then off the table as I reached to grab my phone which shattered my screen 🙈. At the appointment I...
  4. reploid

    Resolved Replacing iPad Magic Keyboard with minor dent using AppleCare

    I got a minor dent in my iPad Magic Keyboard and I want to use AppleCare to replace it. Apple considers dents a cosmetic damage and will probably deny my request. When I first got this keyboard last year, it had what appears to be extra glue seeping out of the sides, which I may be able to claim...
  5. C

    iPhone 11 Use AppleCare prior to trade-in?

    I have an iPhone 11 with a screen whose pixels are becoming discolored in the top right corner. Let's say I want to trade this phone in for an iPhone 13 when it comes out. Will the AppleCare 'trigger' during trade-in and allow me to get near-full value for this phone? Or do I need to use...
  6. Koshkaboo

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Payoff upgrade plan & cancel AppleCare mechanics

    I want to make sure I understand the mechanics and correct order of what I want to do. I bought a phone using the Apple Upgrade plan last fall. Of course, I had to buy the AppleCare plan. My understanding is that Citizens One pays Apple the full price of the plan at that time so it is...
  7. J

    iPhone 12 mini Purchase AppleCare+ after 60 days?

    Here is my dilemma… I currently have an iPhone 12 Mini with T-Mobile and I have their insurance plan which includes AppleCare+ with it. I kind of want to cancel their insurance and just buy the AppleCare+ directly from Apple. I’m over the 60 days. I read on Macrumors sometime ago that you can...
  8. watkipet

    Dubious "Found an issue with your product" Apple repair

    I sent my iPhone 8 in to Apple for a ~$45 battery replacement. I used the UPS shipment method. It went to a business at the following address: Pegatron USA 2811 Laguna Blvd Elk Grove, CA 95758-7410 Instead of replacing the battery, Apple stated: The listed issue was that the cell phone radio...
  9. ckoerner

    iPad Examples of accidental damaged covered by AppleCare?

    My wife and I recently purchased new iPads with AppleCare. I’ve never had AppleCare on my devices, but the coverage of accidental damage was enticing. Side note: I dropped my first iPad - the lovely iPad 2 - a week after I got it back in 2011. Shattered the whole screen. 😭 That was expensive to...
  10. I

    iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 pro scratch on the back (from factory?)

    I don’t know how I got this scratch. It’s very tiny and faint but I always used a clean silicone case. What do you guys think. I’m thinking that it already was there out of the box and it came from the factory itself. The scratch is above the flashlight (not on the camera area).
  11. Caviar_X

    iPhone XS Max Verizon: Should I use AppleCare before returning?

    My iPhone XS Max is cracked on the back on the phone and I have a Genius appt this Friday for repair using AppleCare. I've already activated my 12 Pro Max but I'm wondering since the back is cracked will I receive a refurbished XS Max and will Verizon be OK accept the device? I'm worried I...
  12. Phil77354

    iPhone XS Max Replacing (or repairing) my broken iPhone Xs Max with new iPhone (12 or other)

    I'm interested in opinions from folks on this forum regarding pros and cons of my particular iPhone situation I have a two-year old iPhone Xs Max that I've just discovered has a non-functioning rear (main) camera. Otherwise the phone is working fine. I have dropped the phone recently and...
  13. hoodafoo

    AppleCare for iMac Worth It?

    I passed on AppleCare when buying my 2020 iMac. I can understand getting AppleCare for a MacBook as it gets bumped around a lot and prone to damage, but my iMac will, more or less, sit untouched. I got AppleCare for my last iMac (15,1) and I never had a reason to use it, so it turned out to be...
  14. D

    iPhone XS iPhone AppleCare+ unexpectedly extended

    While checking out the Apple Support app, I noticed something very unexpected. My wife & I both purchased iPhone XSs on 9/14/18 under the iPhone Upgrade Program. As such, AppleCare+ is included, and both had an expiration date of 9/14/20. My iPhone had serious accidental damage, so I utilized...
  15. M

    iPad Pro AppleCare for iPad Pro Worth it and which route?

    Hi all, just curious how many out there purchase AppleCare+ with their iPad Pro’s. I initially bought a 7th Gen iPad, so definitely didn’t find it worth it on that device, but i ended up swapping that out for the new 11” iPad Pro. Also picked up the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. Thinking...
  16. S

    Watch-AppleCare-FedEx Nightmare

    Today I finally lost faith in any notion that Apple is superior in customer service or general business practice for that matter. Here is the rundown... Wife drops Watch Series 4 with cell, cracks screen (early March) but we have AppleCare. Take to Apple Store, can't get an appointment anytime...
  17. K

    iPad Apple care problem help

    So I bought the iPad Air at bestbuy on Friday, with Apple care. I picked the iPad up yesterday I got an email showing the Apple care coverage etc and when I go to settings > about and I see applecare + coverage available “there are 79 days to add Apple care coverage for this iPad” I click on it...
  18. S

    What do you guys do when your ONLY Mac needs to be service?

    As the title says, what do you guys do when your only useable Mac has to be returned to Apple/Apple Authorised Reseller for repairs and battery replacement? Service time may take 2-3 weeks. If you have a Windows computer, do you use it in the meantime? Or use your iPad, or iPhone? Buy a new...
  19. J

    Thoughts on Dead Thunderbolt Ports?

    Wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I have a 2018 MBP (2.6 I7 512gb 16gb ram). On Friday, all 4 thunderbolt ports refused to charge, recognize any peripherals. I called Apple and was referred to a Apple Specialist who could not run diagnostics for the same issue. When apple received the...
  20. jazz1

    Existing AppleCare on 2018 iMac with Upcoming Magic Keyboard TrackPad Folio?

    Does anyone know Apple’s AppleCare coverage policy if you add a keyboard folio after the fact. In other words would Apple Care coverage extend to the new keyboard folio added to an existing iPad AppleCare policy? Just wondering? Or maybe you can get AppleCare for the new keyboard separately?