1. M

    iPad Pro AppleCare for iPad Pro Worth it and which route?

    Hi all, just curious how many out there purchase AppleCare+ with their iPad Pro’s. I initially bought a 7th Gen iPad, so definitely didn’t find it worth it on that device, but i ended up swapping that out for the new 11” iPad Pro. Also picked up the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. Thinking...
  2. S

    Watch-AppleCare-FedEx Nightmare

    Today I finally lost faith in any notion that Apple is superior in customer service or general business practice for that matter. Here is the rundown... Wife drops Watch Series 4 with cell, cracks screen (early March) but we have AppleCare. Take to Apple Store, can't get an appointment anytime...
  3. K

    iPad Apple care problem help

    So I bought the iPad Air at bestbuy on Friday, with Apple care. I picked the iPad up yesterday I got an email showing the Apple care coverage etc and when I go to settings > about and I see applecare + coverage available “there are 79 days to add Apple care coverage for this iPad” I click on it...
  4. S

    What do you guys do when your ONLY Mac needs to be service?

    As the title says, what do you guys do when your only useable Mac has to be returned to Apple/Apple Authorised Reseller for repairs and battery replacement? Service time may take 2-3 weeks. If you have a Windows computer, do you use it in the meantime? Or use your iPad, or iPhone? Buy a new...
  5. J

    Thoughts on Dead Thunderbolt Ports?

    Wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I have a 2018 MBP (2.6 I7 512gb 16gb ram). On Friday, all 4 thunderbolt ports refused to charge, recognize any peripherals. I called Apple and was referred to a Apple Specialist who could not run diagnostics for the same issue. When apple received the...
  6. jazz1

    Existing AppleCare on 2018 iMac with Upcoming Magic Keyboard TrackPad Folio?

    Does anyone know Apple’s AppleCare coverage policy if you add a keyboard folio after the fact. In other words would Apple Care coverage extend to the new keyboard folio added to an existing iPad AppleCare policy? Just wondering? Or maybe you can get AppleCare for the new keyboard separately?
  7. 4sallypat

    AppleCare + Q: reseller or Apple; plain AC vs AC+ ?

    So I have a personal laptop (MBP 16") that I just purchased and still within the 60 days to get AC coverage. All my work Apple products have never had AC in the past 5 years. Before that, we used to purchase AC (standard plan) for every device but then when we started to buy hundreds of...
  8. JhnsSch

    iPad Pro Will Apple charge 1,5k for iPad Pro self-destruction? - Stuck at Apple Logo - AppleCare

    Hey there, I was about to send my iPad Pro back to Apple yesterday, however the backup process kept repeating to send me the following message: My iPad Pro has 153GB of storage taken. Nevertheless, I kept getting the error message telling me I do not have enough available storage to finish the...
  9. S

    Apple replaced my MBP 16 with 2019 spec'd out

    First post here everyone! So glad to be part of the community. So my 2016 MBP 15 was causing me issues. The top case was replaced from memory 3 times. I had USB C port failures after repair. I even received a machine back from Apple that had failed diagnostic testing after repair (only found...
  10. kemo

    AppleCare+ not available in my country. What are my options? (AirPods Pro)

    I'm personally a heavy user of AirPods, and now with Pros I'm pretty keen to get AppleCare+ since I'm charging them pretty much daily. It's pretty much sure batteries gets worn out in 2 years so I'm wondering what are my options here. I don't have official Apple Store (I live in the Czech...
  11. F

    Cracked Series 4 Watch face

    My GPS-only series 4 fell from my nightstand onto the floor, and cracked the watch face. Since I've got AppleCare, will this only be a $69 fee to replace it?
  12. B

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro post purchase Applecare

    I received my iPhone 11 Pro today and am attempting to purchase Applecare+ for it. I can only find the option to purchase the AppleCare monthly @ $10 a month. Is there a way to purchase the two year plan for $199 after you've purchased the phone?
  13. gabo864

    iPhone 11 Pro AppleCare theft & loss vs Verizon theft & Lost

    Which one is better? Does Apple replace their own phones due to loss and theft?
  14. DeanLubaki

    Other Warning: The monthly AppleCare+ is NOT transferable

    Hello! For those like me that enjoy upgrading to new devices every year, be warned that unlike the "single payment" AppleCare+, you can't transfer the monthly AppleCare+. That means if you buy the 11 Pro Max on the monthly AppleCare+, then want to sell it next year, the buyer won't have...
  15. T

    Broke iPhone X Back Glass... Should I Replace for Water Resistance?

    After almost two years, I finally damaged by iPhone X. Ironically after dropping it many times, this time it literally fell from a couple inches while I was underneath my car. The back glass doesn't look too bad... from a purely cosmetic standpoint it's probably not worth replacing. However...
  16. J

    Applecare no longer available alone from 3rd parties?

    Just checked at B&H, Amazon, and LA Computer, where I used to see Applecare available separately (without the purchase of a Mac), but no longer see it at those places. I did a search, but couldn't find this a known thing that's been in place for a while...
  17. T

    Can I get applecare for this open box item? Anyone know with any certainty if I can get applecare on this?
  18. bpeeps

    Did you purchase Apple Care+ for your new iMac?

    Currently I have a 2011 iMac that I'm looking to upgrade. I'll be purchasing a 2019 spec'd out iMac and I'm wondering if I should add AppleCare+ to it or not. My 2011 machine needed a motherboard replacement just outside my 3 year AppleCare warranty, so I ended up paying out of pocket for it...
  19. R

    No AppleCare+ for me?

    I bought a NEW iMac 27" 2017 on a deal from B&H last week. I also bought AppleCare+ through B&H. Shipping notification said I would receive my AppleCare+ directly from Apple. I didn't get a serial number from B&H for my AppleCare+ I decided to check my coverage at I put...
  20. jurajb

    Broken screen, AppleCare and SSD upgrade

    hi all, as this is my first post, hope this is the right section I just got my first iMac 2019. I upgraded to 40GB of ram from 8GB which was like using a netbook with Atom CPU few years ago - abysmal performance and horrible experience. Glad that's over! After this success I wanted to upgrade...