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2017 MacBook Pro 13 non-TB Review


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Jul 11, 2008
Central New York
Apple hasn't confirmed the 2018 models fix the reliability keyboard issues, only that they reduce the noise a little.
They haven't changed the ergonomics.

New reports are emerging of thermal design issues with the 2018 models.

Apple released a supplemental update yesterday to fix the thermal/throttling issue. Many people have confirmed the update fixed the throttling issues completely.

Also, iFixIt did a tear down of the 2018 MacBook Pro and found a silicone piece under the keys (which was not there on the 2016/2017 models) which iFixIt believes is there to help stop dust/dirt/etc from getting under the keys and rendering the keyboard completely broken.

We obviously will not know if this will help solve the keyboard issue(s) or not for at the VERY LEAST a solid month, but I feel more like a couple months.

Until I know the keyboard is fixed, I will not buy the 2018 MBP’s. At least Apple released a fix for the throttling issues very quickly! I give Apple a lot of props for getting it out that quick because if the keyboard turns out to be fixed, I am buying an i9/32GB RAM 2018 MacBook Pro.

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