360 case or back cover for iPad Pro 10.5?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Rique, Jul 15, 2017.

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    I'd really like to find a 360 case - or even just a back cover which could adapt to an ASK and/or an ASC. Is there anyone who has embarked on a similar quest - and have you had any luck?

    In the past, I've really liked the ZeroChroma options (they tell me they will not be releasing anything for the iPad Pro 10.5) - and Khomo has offered a good, basic, lightweight 360 style case which worked well with the Air 2. So far, there does not seem to be a similar option available from Khomo.

    I purchased and returned a cheap one from AMZ (it would not adequately support the iPad in Portrait mode) and have also purchased - and kept - another cheap one which includes a pencil holder. I don't need the pencil holder (at least not yet) and the option adds bulk I'd sooner do without. I might return that one also, although it seems to be OK - just not ideal (It's made by Fintie).

    The only option I've seen mentioned here in the forums is one from Sena and that one is kind of pricey and appears to be heavy as well.

    Surely there have to be other acceptable options - anyone?

    UPDATE: Wow, over 100 views but no comments?

    Just in case it's helpful, this is the one which I've kept. As mentioned, it's a little bulkier than I'd like, given it includes a pencil holder (which I don't need - yet - maybe won't need ever):


    And this is the one which I returned, because support in portrait mode was inadequate:


    This is the one which my wife uses with her iPad Air (it's light, functional, and a good value - but so far there are no similar options from Khomo for the Pro 10.5):


    And finally, this is the ZeroChroma which I used with my iPad Air. I love their stuff, but they tell me they won't be doing anything for the Pro 10.5 (this was per ZC - I reached out to them):


    Comments would be welcome! Advice would be even better. And if anyone can point me to something which meets the use case, is well made and available (or coming soon), that would be best of all!

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    A quick search found this Targus VersaVu Classic Case. Not sure how good it is. There appears to be multiple colours and a "Signature" version. I am not sure if it is any good. Probably a similar swivel used with the Sena Vettra, given Targus owns Sena Cases. I don't like the location of the Apple Pencil holder being on the back of the case.
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    Thanks, I do have one of those. It's just the back cover, though - there's no 360 functionality. It's a good match for my ASC. I wish they'd had navy blue available, though. Other than that minor quibble, I agree - it's nice for what it offers. Thanks!
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    Thanks, I've seen that one also. It weighs over 3/4 of a lb and doesn't offer wake/sleep capabilities. That said, I've not written it off (and I'm OK with the placement of the pencil holder). I'd like to get more feedback on it before I commit, though - and ideally, I find something with that functionality which has a slimmer form factor and is lighter in weight.

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