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Apr 12, 2001
22,481 (French) reports that based on a source in Swisscom, Switzerland will be getting the iPhone this summer.

By itself, this news is not that surprising, as there have been a growing number of reports of the iPhone being delivered internationally in the coming months. Unique to this source, however, is the report that the iPhone would come with GPS, Video Conferencing and Mobile TV functionality.

GPS and video conferencing (with front-sided camera) have both been rumored for the next generation iPhone, but the addition of mobile television is new.

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Apr 9, 2001
MrCrowbar provided this translation

iPhone coming to Switzerland this summer

Apple's new generation of 3G phone to be sold at Swisscom soon

Only a few more weeks to go...
If everything goes right the Swiss will be able to get their hands on all beautiful, brand new, iPhones in Swisscom stores starting this summer. Apple and Switzerland's number one tele-communications company indeed just signed a deal to collaborate according to a Swisscom Source.

And surprise; the upcoming phone rom the fruity brand has 3G—the new standard for multimedia. Fitted with a more powerful chip, the fashinable device will offer more functionality like video conference, mobile television and GPS. It should start selling in the USA in june.

Rendering the "old" iPhone obsolete
"The new iPhone version will put the first generation, which sold more than 5.5 million times, to shame", according to a specialized analyst who thinks Swisscom's patience for this deal has payed off. "After one year of service in the USA and just a little more than 9 months in Europe, the 'old' iPhone has become obsolete." Measnwhile, telephone operators like T-Mobile in Germany are trying to get rid of the current multimedia swiss army knife, just like AT&T in the US who cut the price in half to $170 (170 swiss francs).

Not to mention that the secret transaction with the California based company is well kept at Swisscom. Spokesperson Christian Neuhaus insists that "nothing has been sealed yet". Same tight-lipp-ness from Apple. "But the clues aren't wrong" an observator adds. The blue giant [translator's note: Swisscom has a blue logo] just launched a mobile television service.

Another clue: Apple has signed an allience with Vodaphone of England. The world's number one in telephony will distribute iPhones in a few ten countries, and above all, will develop content delivery services for Apple's machine. Swisscom who is a partner of the english giant [translator's note: Vodaphone] since 2003 will profit from this. And no one doubts that the 40,000 owners of black market iPones will be seduces by the new offers.

Indeed, who could resist a soccer match live on his 3G phone?


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Jul 22, 2007
Edit: needed to fixed one paragraph.

Unique to this source, however, is the report that the iPhone would come with GPS, Video Conferencing, Mobile TV functionality, and 38 minutes of usable battery time.

Sorry for leaving that out :D


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Sep 7, 2007
Great ! This could means iPhone is coming to Japan ! Here all cellphones already have TV and many features. APple will have to make a very attractive iPhone to sell in Japan and TV is one of the top list !


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Feb 27, 2004
Mobile TV? As in having an ATSC tuner (in the U.S., and all of the various equivalents in other countries)?

Or streamed from online sources? This seems far more likely, as it would not require an antenna.

Really, the iPhone has mobile TV already since it plays shows you've purchased via iTunes... perhaps this "new feature" is just a translation problem, rather than adding live television functionality.


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Feb 15, 2007
I wonder if 3G is fast enough to support iChat. That would be amazing indeed, and save allot of minutes!


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Sep 3, 2003
North Carolina
Really, the iPhone has mobile TV already since it plays shows you've purchased via iTunes... perhaps this "new feature" is just a translation problem, rather than adding live television functionality.

I don't think it's just a translation problem -- the article is pretty clear about that. My french isn't good enough to provide a word-for-word translation, but "mobile television" is clearly stated in the article.

The article also says that neither swisscom nor apple will confirm the rumor, so it's still just a rumor.


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Feb 18, 2006
I doubt they would have mobile tv,that would cut right into iTunes sales


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Aug 24, 2006
English Translation

The iPhone unloads this summer in Switzerland

Swisscom has just taken down the exclusiveness in the sale from the iPhone 3G as of this summer in Switzerland.

More than a few weeks to be held... If all occurs as envisaged, the Swiss ones will be able to touch very beautiful iPhone, very new in the Swisscom stores as of this summer. APPLE and the number one of telephony in Switzerland indeed has just concluded a collaboration agreement, according to a source of Swisscom.

And good surprise: it is the version 3G, the new grinding of the multi-media telephone of the mark to the apple, which will unload in Switzerland. Doped by a more powerful chip, the toy à.la.mode will offer more functionalities like the videoconference, mobile television and the GPS. It should be put on sale in June in the USA.

Obsolete the "old man" iPhone
"the new version of the iPhone will reléguera with the oubliettes the first generation, sold with more than 5,5 million specimens", analyzes a specialist who estimates that the patience of Swisscom paid in this business. "After one year of service in the USA and a little more than seven months in Europe, the" old man "iPhone became obsolete." Blow, the operators like T-Mobile, in Germany, sell off this multi-media multi-fonction pocket knife. Just like AT & T, in the USA, which yields it to half price, with 170 dollars (179 franks Swiss).

Remain that the secrecy of the transaction with the Californian company is well kept at Swisscom. "Nothing is done", is restricted to answer its spokesman Christian Neuhaus. Even dumbness on the side of APPLE. "But the signs do not mislead", continues an observer. The blue giant has just launched a mobile service of television.

Another index: APPLE signed an alliance with English Vodafone. The world number one of telephony will distribute the iPhone in ten country and especially it will develop services of contents for the machine of APPLE. Swisscom, which is partner of the English colossus since 2003, will benefit from it. And there is no doubt that the 40 000 owners of iPhone to the black in Switzerland will be allured by these new offers.

Who could indeed resist a match of football on line on his 3G?


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Dec 2, 2006
kidnapped by aliens
iPhone ready for take-off this summer in Switserland.

The new generation of apple's 3G iPhone soon for sale at swisscom.

Only a couple of weeks to hold...
If everything comes as planned, the Swiss will be able to cuddle real beautifull and all new iPhones in Swisscom shops this summer. According to a source from within Swisscom Apple and the leading swiss telecom company have reached a deal for cooperation.

The good surprise : it will be the 3G version, the new version of the multimedia telephone of the brand with the apple, that takes off in Switserland. Equipped with a more performant chip, the toy will offer more functionalities like videoconferencing, mobile television and GPS. It should become on sale in the states in june.

Makes the 'old' iPhone obvsolete.

"The new generation will make us forget the first generation that sold more than 5,5 pieces" is the analysis of a specialist who thinks that the patience of swisscom will be in the company's profit. "After a year of service in the United States and a little more than 7 months in Europe, the 'old' model has become obsolete." All of a sudden, operators like T-mobile in Germany are selling this swiss knife of multimedia at discount prices. Just like AT&T in USA that cut his price in half at 170$.

Lips are still very sealed at swisscom concerning the deal with the californian company. "Nothing is done" is the comment of Christian Neuhaus, spokesman of swisscom. Apple also remains silent. "But the signs are obvious" continues an observator. The blue giant has been launching a mobile television service.

Another indicator : Apple signed an alliance with the english Vodafone. The worlds number one telephone company will distribute the iPhone in ten or more countries and will develop services with content for apple's machine. Swisscom, that is a partner of the English coloss since 2003, will take profit of that. There is also no doubt that the 40000 owners of a hacked iPhone in Switserland will be seduced by those new offers.

As a matter of fact who could resist to a live football match on his 3G.


Jan 18, 2005
Mobile TV? Well that won't be big in the UK since AFAIK only 3 towns have the capability for it. But hell we've got the iPlayer and (will have) 3G!

Having a proper TV receiver would be a step backwards. You're tied to schedules then, with these streaming alternatives you can watch anything that was broadcast less than 7 days ago anytime you want.


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Jan 18, 2008
I doubt they would have mobile tv,that would cut right into iTunes sales

my current 3G phone has mobile TV .. sort of. There are a few programs streamed out over 3G, soccer matches are quite popular. It's really just a 3G streaming offering from the telco.

It's quite a good way to make use of 3G as video calls really haven't taken off (in my opinion)
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