3rd Iphone 6 replacement- what are the options?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mmarcosmu, Dec 29, 2015.

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    Dec 29, 2015
    Marietta, Georgia

    I´d like to know how I could submit a claim regarding replacement phones (IPhone 6)?. In less than 15 days I had to visit an Apple store 4 times because the replacement (two times already!!) did not properly work.

    I bent my original iPhone (by accident) I went to an Apple store and got technical assistance. Genius guys told me they won´t fixed it because policy says they don´t fix bent phones when the aluminium case is damage. They offered me pay 299$ to buy the same exactly phone as a replacement.. I expressly asked if the phone was refurbished or new.. they ensured me it was new.

    24 hours later I had to visit the same store because the phone had an static noise not allowing me taking or making phone calls.. it was not affecting all the calls but whenever started I had to reboot the phone to have it working normally again... .. I got another replacement, this time for free and less than 2 weeks later my " 2nd new" phone started not responding to any screen touch and showing white and grey vertical lines lines in the screen (Photo attached).

    I went to the store today and I´m waiting to receive an sms to get (I guess) another replacement phone...It would be the third one.

    I´m also interested on any possibilities of getting back my old original iPhone (the one the store got when they gave me the first replacement) so I can get the parts (I.e:Ifixit.com) and fixit myself. I know I would lose whatever the warranty it might have and I´m taking some risks myself... but I prefer take my chances with that... than get another not working phone, (Obviously I´d like to get my 300$ back)

    Don´t get me wrong.. I love apple... my company, myself and my family are using apple products from long time ago.. the iPhone6 is the 7th iPhone I got (So far , I had at least one of each generation) and everything has been perfect (Not earring problems soever) until i got one of these replacement phones... I think the program is a good idea... get a replacement phone by paying the half of the actual price... BUT, If they´d told me it was a refurbished phone I´d decided to maybe paid for a real new one.... or try to fix mine myself...

    I rather prefer to think the replacement phones are just refurbished... because if they are really new there are only two possibilities:

    1-I´m the most unlucky guy ever.. two wrong iPhones in less than two days... in the same apple store... hmmm

    2-The % of iPhones Apple has to replace because they are wrong... is higher than the people think.. so the company is offering a very low end product (Which I resist to believe...)

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    From what I have read here you are just unlucky. 99% of the time the replacement phone looks and works like new even if refurbished. Sorry you are having such problems but if you want to stick with Apple, you need to give them another shot.
  3. dwfaust macrumors 601


    Jul 3, 2011
    At this point, there is no way you would get your original phone back under any circumstances. I'd be willing to bet that the store has already sent it off to the mother ship to be analyzed or cannibalized for parts.
  4. Shadowbech macrumors 601

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    I agree with the above. Once apple issues the replacement, your original is now marked in their system knowing that it has been replaced and they send the phone back their headquarters and disassemble and send any working parts back to China to be reused again.
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    If you still have problems after your third replacement, call customer relations. I have had some great things come from them. Call 408-996-1010 and ask for customer relations.
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    Your conclusion about refurb phones is off. The idea that a refurb phone has a higher tendency to have faults doesn't really make sense. I went through a bought of replacing phones with the 3gs with stuck/dead pixels. I went through somthing like six of them. It is what it is. Your option is to replace again or go with a different company. Perhaps mentioning that you would like to see some compensation for your time (politely) will get you somewhere.

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