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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by eric4, May 24, 2016.

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    I've created my project in FCPX and I've used the (very limited) DVD authoring tool in FCPX to create the .img DVD file. Works great, no issues.

    Now I'd like to add a data folder to the DVD to include stuff like photos, additional videos at higher resolution, etc. The intent is for the person to be able to use the DVD in a computer drive and access the items in the data folder, but still allow it to be a playable DVD in a regular DVD player. iDVD had this capability. I miss iDVD and really wish Apple hadn't abandoned iDVD, but that is a topic for another discussion.

    I'm pretty sure there isn't a hidden FCPX option to add a data folder. Is it possible to mount the .img file and edit it and add my own data folder? What other options do I have?
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    Have you tried taking the disc image, re-creating it using Disc Utility (making it writable), adding the files & then burning??

    edit: reading on the interwebs - this probably won't work - sorry!! So how about the following.......

    You'll need Toast (the software, not a slice of)

    create your iso file, mount it, drag out the VIDEO_TS folder.

    Open Toast & create a new video DVD using the aforementioned VIDEO_TS file, and add your data using Toasts 'Add DVD-Rom Content' option.

    Hope that helps
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    I don't have Toast, I looked around and can't tell if it would do that or not. I'm willing to try if I can get a demo version.

    Does anyone else have any experience doing this? It shouldn't be so hard to get data files on a video DVD!

    I know Apple believes all content should just be in the cloud and physical media is dead, and I get that, but the reality is when you have files to share for something like a school play, and parents don't want their kids faces in the cloud, we have to use physical media.
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    Copy the VIDEO_TS folder locally.
    Insert blank DVD.
    Drag VIDEO_TS and whatever folder you wish.

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