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  1. napabar

    Wii U burning eShop games directly to DVD over USB ports.

    I've been playing around with the Wii U's external storage over USB ports, and wanted to see if I could get DVD-R or DVD-RAM to work with the system. I made a little video showing off what works and what doesn't. Hope you guys like.
  2. DrCanard

    How to upgrade to 64bits windows on a 4,1 macbook ?

    Hi dear mac users, I recently acquired a Macbook 4,1 from early 2008. Unfortunately the latest version of macos supported is Lion. I managed to upgrade it to Mountain Lion and Mavericks (but that last one lost the graphic acceleration). The impossibility to use modern apps on those system made...
  3. Z

    DVD drive enclosures?

    I have an old 2008MBPro. Is it possible to uninstall its optical/DVD drive and place it in an enclosure, in order to make it an external optical/DVD drive?
  4. F23

    How to save DVD video to Mac?

    I have an M1 Mac Mini and a SuperDrive. I want to save the videos from the DVD to my Mac. Do I need special software? I am using disk utility to make a disk image but I'm not sure if that works. I want to make a copy of the videos for later playback and keep them on my internal mac storage as...
  5. Juicy Box

    Physical Media Collectors: DVD or Blu-ray for animated content

    I decided a while back that I am no longer buying digital media from iTunes or anything similar, and going back to adding to my already large physical media collection for movies, TV Shows, and music. I am adding all my content to my Plex server, and while my storage for Plex is very large, I am...
  6. R

    Can anyone help me get past the -36 Error?

    I have these old DVD-R discs. (I know, doesn't this subject make you wanna roll your eyes already?) They have quicktime/.mov files burned to them. They're not playable dvds with menus on them. They're data dvds. My 2017 iMac obviously doesn't have a disc drive so I'm connecting my external Lacie...
  7. I

    MP 1,1-5,1 Making the Optiarc AD-7170A be able to write to DVD-RAM

    I have an Optiarc AD-7170A in my 3,1MacPro that I am pretty sure should be able to write to DVD-RAM. I know Apple seems to hate the format. Their firmware usually blocks this format from being used in their drives. I have recently built a program called binflash that says it can flash the...
  8. C

    Brass instrument slide oil saved my optical drive!

    Hey! I recently picked up an iBook G3 snow off eBay, only to discover the optical drive wouldn't boot a disc (I could hear it struggling, but no dice). As I didn't have a firewire cable, this meant I had no way to install an OS! But I tried a bit of maintenance and it worked! I had a bottle...
  9. D

    Convert MP4, etc to DVD playing VOB/NTSC

    Hi, I only need to convert to make 3 DVDs for someone who does not have a computer, just a DVD player. I have not been able to find the software. Inexplicably, iMovie and handbrake don't seem to create output in the format. I googled around and I could not find anything. TIA. David
  10. Z

    How to Repair Corrupt .VOB Files?

    Hi is there any software (preferably free) that will fix a corrupt .VOB file? Strange but all of the first VOB files - VTS_01_1.VOB - in each DVD folder saved digitally (don't have original DVD anymore) seem to be corrupt.. Thanks
  11. M

    Need help burning DVDs with Any Video Converter

    Hey, all... I've run into a problem burning DVDs using Any Video Converter. I have an old MacBook Pro mid-2012 with a built-in DVD drive that I've always used for burning MP4s to DVD using AVC. I recently upgraded the MacBook's OS to Mojave and now the DVDs I burn won't play in any standalone...
  12. Betamagic

    Movie Explorer Pro 2.1 for macOS released

    The standard free edition of Movie Explorer is a popular macOS app to index movie files on your hard drives and transform the result into a super attractive, fully featured movie catalog. Movie Explorer Pro 2.1 goes multiple steps further, and adds the following features: Support for digital...
  13. E

    VLC no longer plays DVD from other region

    I have a Macbook Pro that I bought in 2014. It came with Mavericks installed and I never bothered to update the system until last year when the hard drive crashed and I had to reinstall everything. I have Sierra now. Before the crash/update, I was able to play DVDs from any region using VLC, but...
  14. F

    DVD Remote for macbook pro.

    Good evening! I am using a non retina MBP 13'' with the DVD Drive. I use it for teaching. When teaching CPR I use the computer to play the CPR DVD. I had been using a silver apple remote to control the DVD. The apple remote no longer functions as it used to to. When i press play it opens...
  15. R

    Play DVD's Problem: PowerBook G3 Lombard / Bronze Keyboard 400MHz

    I have a Powerbook G3 Lombard / Bronze keyboard with the following specifications: 400MHz processor 128GB Hard Drive 512MB RAM OS X 10.4.11 OS 9.2.2 I've read online that this model will play DVD's only if booted into the classic Mac OS (8.6-9.2.2). This is because the 400MHz model...
  16. X

    Is this Craigslist price for a used iMac too goo to be true?

    Im a college student and I'm looking for an iMac. However I can't afford a new one because like I said... I'm a college student, lol. Please keep in mind I'm not a super computer savvy person. Anyway I see a listing on Craigslist offering an iMac, 21.5 inch 2011 model for $200. "it has 4GB ram...
  17. Rldavis829

    Disk drive not reading discs

    So I have a MacBook Pro with El Capitan 10.11.6 and the dvd drive started being funny a few weeks ago. It now spits out discs that it used to read. *Not all discs. It still reads some but not all.* They’ll spin for a few seconds and you’ll hear it try then it spits it back out. These are dvds...
  18. FellaMeLad

    Non-protected .MP4 from iTunes

    Hey all, I have a Plex media server that I've ripped lots of my Blu-rays and DVDs to. Everyone at home can then stream them over the network from the Plex to their iPads, laptops, etc. I want to purchase a film from iTunes (buy it, not rent it) but wanted to find out if iTunes provides me with...
  19. Ian Buttery

    iMac 24 (2007)

    1st post guys so apologies if in the wrong area, I want to connect a sony DVD player (external) to my iMac to enable me to use my iMac as a monitor to watch the DVD through my Sony home theatre amp, no HDMI ports on amp or DVD player only component, thanks in advance. Ian.
  20. jannikmeissner

    Mac refuses to play CDs - DVDs work?

    A friend of mine asked me for help and I am also rather clueless; When he puts in a DVD it starts fine, but putting in any music CD results in no reaction whatsoever: In iTunes the CD isn't displayed, it won't show up on the desktop and there is no entry for it in the Finder; Again, with a DVD...