AirPlay 2 and HomeKit Support Coming to New LG Smart TVs

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 7, 2019.

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    I disagree. The app is going on modern TV's. The older TV's will be relegated to an actual expensive-for-what-it-is ATV or a less expensive dongle-like device imo. Remember, Apple is reportedly trying to launch a monthly TV subscription service. A less expensive dongle allows for a possible wider audience than an ATV would provide. I'd bet Apple wants as many people as possible signing up for their service... whether they have new equipment or not... an ATV or not.
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    The more likely scenario in my opinion is that they write an Android App which could be supported on Fire Tv, Chromecast and Android TV and an app for Roku. Would be far easier than sourcing components and manufacturing a device specifically aimed at the low end. They already have developers maintaining Android Apps.

    A couple of things with the Apple TV dongle..

    In the case of the Fire Stick and Chromecast, Amazon and Google are practically selling those things at cost, there is no taking 30% + margins on those kind of devices, is Apple willing to do that?

    How would it fit in to their product line up? They would have an Apple TV device which costs similar to a lightning cable.

    Besides I think a streaming service is more likely to get traction if its available on the devices people already own, expecting people to go out and buy special hardware to stream it on is a stretch. Some will but most wont.
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    This is great, I've been holding off on buying a 65" LG OLED for a while now as I really wanted to wait for HDMI 2.1.

    Now I get both HDMI 2.1 and Airplay+Homekit.

    I hope for others they release updates for older LG TV's with this support.
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    Maybe at the beginning when it was Steve's baby it wasn't, but by the end it sure was a hobby product.
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    You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about if you really think their OLEDs suck.
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    Unless Apple begins allowing 4K/HDR content to stream via AirPlay, you're going to want that Apple TV anyway if you have movies on iTunes so that you you don't watch your stuff in 1080 on your beautiful new 4K TV.
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    That’s not HomeKit. That’s patch work HomeKit but in an impressive advanced setup. I like IFTTT but most HomeKit users aren’t going going to be able to figure that out.

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    For those of us that have 4K TVs that are only a year or two old... this is a classic case of usury.
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    I own an LG OLED. It does indeed suck.
  10. m11rphy, Jan 7, 2019
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    i wanna iTunes app on my lg c855 !! Any possibility ?
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    Only Samsung are getting the iTunes app, LG 2019 models with get AirPlay 2 and HomeKit
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    In that case I need to buy and AtV 4K in order to see all the iTunes movies in 4K HDR
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    I think we should be kicking up a load fuss about this to them so they know they can't get away with it.
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    I guess but that's what I originally said. I've got it connected to HomeKit devices in one way or another. Never said it was for anyone, or that it works for all the functionality just said that I did it and it can control some HomeKit things.
  16. m11rphy, Jan 8, 2019
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    Wondering this as well, I purchased 2x LG TV's last year.
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    The alpha 9 is currently up there with the X1 Ultimate as the best TV processor. The dynamic tone mapping and upscaling are fantastic and it’s very noticeable in the speed of the internal apps. It also definitely has more than 2GB RAM since all of the movie images load up at once. There is no delay like on the older A8 Apple TV 4.

    So if HomeKit is not added it’s not because the alpha 9 isn’t capable but just to promote the 2019 9 series. LG obviously is not going to add iTunes/HomeKit before those hit the market so if they’re going to hook up us 2018 OLED owners it won’t be before April/May at the earliest.
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    There’s no way to know. There’s no technical reason that they can’t add iTunes/HomeKit to the alpha 9 OLEDs. We’ll have to wait until the 9 series hits the market since they’re not going to give us iTunes before the new TVs get it if they’re going to at all.

    If they do I’ll be very happy. If they don’t it’s not the end of the world. The 8 series are still some of the best TVs you can buy and not having iTunes built-in won’t change that.

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