AirPort - Ethernet port when connected to network wirelessly

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    Sorry if the title doesn't make much sense, but my question (I hope) is quite simple.

    I have an AirPort Time Capsule (an older model) - it is currently in a upstairs in a room with a DVR which has no wireless capabilities (it needs to be connected via Ethernet).

    The modem/router from my provider is downstairs (and I prefer to use that as my Time Capsule is old, but I've upgraded the hard drive for storage backups).

    The Time Capsule is connected to my router wirelessly - is it possible therefore to use the Ethernet ports on the TC to connect the DVR to my network? Or are the Ethernet ports effectively turned off when it's not connected to the network via the WAN port?
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    Jul 30, 2009
    Yes, when Airport devices are setup to "Join a Wireless Network", they use Wi-Fi to connect to the main router, and the LAN ports are available for devices to connect to the network. This is referred to as a network bridge.

    However, if it is possible to connect the TC via Ethernet, you may experience faster network speeds. Wi-Fi is notorious for variations in speed due to interference. If Ethernet to that location is a challenge, MOCA or Powerline adapters can be used to extend the Ethernet using existing unused Coax cabling, or power lines in your home. Newer MOCA and Powerline adapters can deliver close to 1Gbps Ethernet to the remote locations. Older adapters were much slower.

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