1. iordash

    Wall charger for Wireless Charger Pad P1100 (EP-P1100BBEGWW)

    I want to buy this wireless charger and use with an Iphone, but i dont know what wall charger to buy for it. EP-TA800XBEGWW or EP-TA20? i will use for Iphone 11 pro Thanks.
  2. AbSoluTc

    iPhone X iPhone Stops Wireless Charge After "Hey Siri"

    Interesting issue - need some input. iPhone X, put on a wireless charger. Works fine. As soon as you say "hey siri" it lights up as expected but goes back to sleep. Once that happens, it stops charging. I have a home pod so all iOS devices usually light up and the home pod responds. 80% of...
  3. C

    Best way to charge Airpods Pro

    I have ordered Airpod pro. I notice it comes with USB type - c to Lightning port. I don't have any type c devices to charge Airpod pro neither have a wireless charger. Should I buy apple 18W type c adapter or wireless charger? which will be fast to charge?
  4. J

    2019 MacBook Pro 16" - slower Wi-Fi speed compared to 2015 MBP?

    Summary: 2015 MacBook Pro 15 download speed: 76.2 MiB/s (megabytes per second) 2019 MacBook Pro 16 download speed: 48.4 MiB/s (megabytes per second) Remote = remote server on gigabit ethernet Create an test file locally (and then place on the remote server) $ dd if=/dev/zero of=bigfile bs=1M...
  5. T

    Late 2013 MBP 15" - Network slows after time

    So this is an odd one. A couple times now my '15 MBP (late 2013) will completely slow down my internet speed on my Mac, both wired and wireless. I have gigabit internet from FIOS and I was limited to about 5mbps on my Mac. On my iPhone 11 it was normal internet speeds. Initially I thought it...
  6. S

    Wireless bridge, extender, repeater, for Hue Bridge???

    I'm assuming there's a really simple answer for this. The wireless in my apartment is shared by many people. The router itself is in a very inconvenient location for me to physically access however the signal it provides works just fine. I need to connect the "Hue Bridge" to a router with an...
  7. P

    What 3rd party wireless charger?

    Hi! I want to buy a wireless charger for my iPhone X. I looked at the following: Belkin Boost Up Special Edition Moshi Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad Mophie wireless charging base iOttie iON Wireless Plus Fast Charging Pad Currently, the price is not decisive. I want to buy a very good quality...
  8. M

    Wireless charger for iPad (or foolproof wired?)

    I have a autist brother that use the iPad, but we have an issue that the way he handle it break cables (after a few weeks) AND the lightning port (few months) left and right. This cause the problem to buy cables and new iPads too often. So, I wonder if exist a way to charge wireless the iPad...
  9. F

    Apple Watch Airplane Mode Only Use?

    Can I use Apple Watch when the device is in Airplane Mode and not receiving or sending wireless data? For example, to use the clock and fitness tracking, can I turn off wireless and still use the device? (For those interested, if I can avoid it, I’d rather not expose my wrist or body to a...
  10. P

    CarPlay Non-Wireless Carplay w/ Portless iPhone. How will it work?

    Hello everyone! I am looking to buy an Apple Carplay aftermarket system for my car. Obviously, I would want it wireless, but even after 4 years of CarPlay, there's just a handful of models available, and prices don't ever go down. It crosses the $1 000 CAD line, which I don't think is a good...
  11. bonjourx

    Is this a good wireless charging mat?

    i came a crossed this wireless charging mat while looking up AirPower. Does anyone knows about this charger? https://hardciderlabs.com/products/slicecharge-3in1-wireless-charger?variant=13571215360098
  12. macduke

    Other H Chips and the Implication for W

    Apple changed the chip series name in the new AirPods from W to H, which presumably stands for headphones. Why? I think because Apple will be using the W (wireless) naming for their in-house cellular modem chips for iPhone. So this pretty much confirms it, right?
  13. P

    Wireless PowerBank for iPhone X

    Hi! I would like to buy a power bank for my iphone X. I want a good quality, reliable product. Can you recommend it? thanks
  14. DominikHoffmann

    Looking for microphone amp with Bluetooth transmitter

    I am looking to mic a person speaking in front of a small crowd with a lavalier microphone and get the signal to an iPhone, which is set to record video and audio. I therefore need a mic amp on the presenter, which transmits the audio via Bluetooth to the iPhone. Any recommendations? I have...
  15. K

    Router interfering with MBP and dismounting drives...

    Last night, I figured out that my router (a Panoramic combination router/modem from my cable company) has been interfering with my 2017 MBP (as well as two 2018 MBPs). Specifically, it was causing random dismounting of drives and a memory card. I recently bought and returned two 2018 MacBook...
  16. HappyDude20

    Best AirPrint Printer for iOS 12?

    hi, For the past 7 years I’ve owned an HP wireless printer, however the wireless feature only works upon first connecting the printer to an iMac or MacBook and downloading the necessary driver. The downside is that the driver for this wireless AirPrint printer stopped providing drivers past...
  17. M

    Are there more than 3 headphones with a W1 chip on the entire plant?

    I've got the AirPods and I love how convenient they are to pair. I'd like another set of over the ear headphones but don't want Beats. Am I out of options?
  18. Risco

    Best wireless earbuds that don’t suffer lip sync issues?

    Twice I have had a pair of Apple Beats X and both times they have ended up failing to charge after a few months. So won’t get these, the Apple EarPods fall out my ear, so also ruled out. Any other makes that work seamlessly and have no lip sync issues? Very important as have hour long train...
  19. M

    iPhone XS Max + Cover on Logitech Wireless Charger

    There were quite a few negative reviews for the Logitech wireless charging stand on the Apple Store as people complained that it would not work with a case attached. For anyone considering buying one, here is a little confirmation that it does in fact work with a cover (in this case the Apple...
  20. KookiMonster

    2018 MBP Wireless

    Hi, I've just swapped from a Mid-2013 MBP to a 13" 2018 MBP (with touch bar) and I'm noticing serious issues with the network connections. It often won't connect to networks which my other laptop (and phones, tables, etc) will, although it sees them in the list, and it sometimes just drops the...