Amazingly, Circus Ponies Notebook Works in Mojave

Discussion in 'macOS Mojave (10.14)' started by talmy, Jun 6, 2018.

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    I have been using CPN 4 since it was released as I found CPN 3 choking on notebooks that were very large in size. I do have CPN 3 and I could test it out on Mojave but I presume that everyone that has posted here are running CPN 4. I'm still having mixed results with CPN 4 with Mojave because of occasional crashes so I am keeping my main system on Sierra for the foreseeable future. I too have years of ongoing projects that will take so much time and effort to port over to some other app that I cringe too. I really think that CPN 4 needs some small tweaking to run better on Mojave and if there are others here who want to form a strategy for reaching out to Jayson Adams I'm all for that. It's not just that Apple abandons software (which they have done all too often) or forces upgrades but we are in a very mature desktop market and all the heat and light are getting sucked up by ios apps.
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    I am using CPN 4.0.7 on Mojave 10.14.2. It works, but in limited fashion. It opens all the usual ways. Working inside a Notebook on a page directly, I can do all the normal things. Clicking on the application menubar causes it to quit, except for select menu items under File. I did not succeed to port or export. I tried printing to pdf, but some fonts or embedded materials cause an entire Notebook to crash. Saving the contents to rtf is slow and the contents must be reformatted. Ugh. I have tried *many* replacement applications. Nothing else has collapsable and completely manipulable outline items, on OS or iOS. It is hard to believe.
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    Thanks for the Growly Notes recommendation, Talmy. Can you say more about how similar it is to CPN? For instance, are outline items collapsable and can they be moved around easily on the same page/note and between pages/notes?

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    I had my entire medical noteset. 3000 odd pages of meticulously assembled CPN notes. I needed to access them during the run into fellowship exams and couldn’t because of this ridiculous loss of support for CPN. Jayson lacks any sense of professionalism and I wish I had never bought his software. I tried to transfer it to omnioutliner and because of the dataset it took months. And never worked properly. I hold him in total contempt. It’s good software. It should be updated. And if he can’t or won’t do it he shouldn’t have been allowed to develop in the first place. And he should sell it to a coder with the ability to fix this ********.
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    F u c K the guy for the hours of wasted time his laziness and pestilence caused me. Guy is a b I t c h

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