An unlucky and disappointed Apple consumer

Discussion in 'iMac' started by AlexGraphicD, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Oct 26, 2015
    New York
    I love the design of Apple products. Their look and aisthetics is something else to use and really feel like you hold something special and not just another generic electronic device. But, I am really an unlucky and disappointed customer. This is the second time that I get a faulty and defective product from Apple.

    I bought my first iMac on 2010 from an online e-shop and after a couple months of use, I got the dreaded grey smudges on the upper left position of the screen. I was residing outside of the US, in Greece and there is just one authorized Apple dealer unfortunately cause that makes them the solely competitors in the Greek market and they don't care too much about the customer's satisfaction.

    As soon as the problem with the screen appeared, I called the store that I purchased it and they told me to take it to the only authorized center in Greece since I still had warranty. And so I did.
    I drove a good deal of distance with my car and what the service department just did is clean the inside of the glass and told me that now everything is OK.
    I asked them why don't you clean the screen or even better why don't you replace it with a new one???
    But they reassured me that the problem was that there was dust behind the glass panel. The screen was fine.

    So I went home turned the iMac on and the smudges were still there.
    I called them frustrated and they told me to take it once more back to the center.
    Then they cleaned the inside of the screen, as I had told them initially. Although I was still begging them to replace the screen with a new one while still on warranty but they would repeatedly refuse.

    After I took it home, the screen was normal again but after some days the smudges appeared again.
    Then I was forced again to take it for the third time to the center and I was really frustrated and asking them WHY WON'T YOU CHANGE THE SCREEN SINCE IT IS CLEARLY DEFECTIVE AND THE PROBLEM KEEPS COMING BACK EVEN AFTER CLEANING THE SCREEN FROM INSIDE.

    They kept telling me that this is the procedure. As long as I have warranty, I should take the machine to them to clean it, but they couldn't replace my screen since they didn't trace any hardware issue with it.

    So, I went back home and the screen was normal again, but guess what...The smudges reappeared for the third time, but now I was out of warranty :(

    Here I am now, after 5 years I have an expensive piece of machine with a defective screen sitting on my desk in Greece. I'm sure if I had bought it in the states that Apple would have replaced the whole machine or at least replace the defective screen. Or no...?

    Fast forward to April 4, 2016 and my second apple product, an iPhone 6s from a high reputable eBay seller arrives on my hands. The device was just opened from its box once without any use and had warranty from September 2015 till September 2016. FORTUNATELY. :eek:

    After about a day of use, a familiar thing happens...Two vertical bars appear from the top of the screen to bottom....As if that wasn't enough, some letters on the keyboard wouldn't respond to my touch.
    Next morning I took it to the apple center in Madison Avenue and the genius guy told me that they would just replace the screen. I told him what if it is a hardware issue? Why don't you replace the whole phone so I don't go to all this stress fearing that it might happen again after the warranty expires?

    Thankfully, when they called me to take my repaired phone they told me that they would give me a brand new one. And so they did. :)

    Has anyone experienced a similar disappointment from his/her first and second apple product purchase?
    Sure, the second time apple replaced my broken phone with a new one. But what about the stress I had to go through, the wasted time and cost of transit etc?
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    That's what happens when you buy used.

    I understand your experiences are bad but this isn't exactly typical. Fortunately over here in the states Apple Stores and authorized resellers are much more common.
  3. OurDarkness macrumors member


    Oct 11, 2014
    Sorry to hear about your frustration. Don't deal with *that* Apple dealer. I got my awesome iMac for 600 euros less than the price that I was offered here. Search a bit more.
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    Oct 26, 2015
    New York
    Really? You re telling me there aren't brand new apple products that fail after some time, cause there are a lot of incidents with faulty screens both on iMac and iPhone. My first iMac was brand new and had a defective screen from it's initial production that exists until today after 5 years.

    And ebay sellers especially the high reputable ones with 99,99% ratings don't lie about the product they 're selling.
    The problem is not with the used apple products, especially the slightly used that have no sign of wear, the problem is with apple producing defective machines and devices from the get go. They should be more careful examining their production process and listen to their customers complaints and issues more carefully. I mean has even Apple officially addressed the grey smudges problem that thousands of customers have had around the world? Or are they still claiming that the customers cause it by smoking or letting too much dust get into the room from the outside? o_O

    Yeah, I know that here in the states the apple service is better, but I wish Apple had more power over the authorized resellers overseas and force them to treat disappointed customers better and more decent. I don't get it why they can't do that. I even explained my issue back then in a US representative of Apple through phone about the reoccurring problem of the screen and the unwillingness of the greek authorized center to replace the screen, but all he could do is just record my complaint and nothing more. I just don't get it. Apple is their employer actually, no? Can't they have control over the authorized centers overseas and their customer policies?
  5. mildocjr macrumors 65816

    Had a couple of issues with a 2010 MBP, ended up having to replace the entire top-half of the clamshell, but the repair process was a lot easier than with other companies so I'm a happy consumer.
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    Oct 26, 2015
    New York
    You re in the US right?
  7. mildocjr macrumors 65816

    A couple of states from where you are with no Apple Store in my city, they sent me an overnight box with a 3 day turnaround for the repair.
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    Oct 26, 2015
    New York
    Yeah, but that's what i'm saying. Apple customers that are residing overseas should enjoy the same fair and generous treatment from the service centers. Not just in the US. Since Apple has this unified and holistic approach from the design and production to customer service, I don't get why they can't have control over their authorized centers that treat bad the misfortunate customers from overseas.

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