Any men rockin' Rose Gold?

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If the color pink wasn't labeled as a "girl color", would you buy a Rose Gold iPhone?

  1. No....

  2. ... don't tell my bros but yeah

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  3. Space Gray & Silver are the only real choices.

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  1. TantalizedMind macrumors 6502a


    Feb 5, 2007
    I've seen a few users stating they recently bought a Rose Gold iPhone SE. But those users' bios and usernames did not identify their gender. So it made me curious..

    Any guys own a Rose Gold iPhone?

    If so, why did you choose it?

    If you don't own a Rose Gold iPhone, would you ever consider it?
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    My fiancé just bought herself her first iPhone. Rose Gold SE.

    I actually think the color is rather nice. Its bright pink without being loud or obnoxious. Funny thing is she bought the black leather case Apple too-easily lead her to buy, and the only Rose Gold that is visable now is the ring around the Touch ID button.

    I wouldn't buy a Rose Gold iPhone but its nice to see one after witnessing everyone at work with a black or white, excuse me, Space Gray or Silver phone.
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