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rose gold

  1. rosegoldoli

    Gold/Yellow Gold/Rose Gold watch face color showing up for S6 Gold ALUM

    So I just got myself the Series 6 Gold Aluminum and as I was customizing my watch faces I noticed that Apple unlocked Gold, Yellow Gold AND Rose Gold color options! Understanding from past models, these colors were locked according to the color case you owned, but it seems that they made it...
  2. G

    iPhone 8 paint screatches??

    I’m new to this website but have had trouble finding hell elsewhere. I recently bought a new iPhone 8 gold and after a few days I rubbed it against the side of the shower and found that the paint scratched off on the sides! I’m so disappointed. My old Galaxy S6 didn’t scratch at all after two...
  3. B

    Display and Bezel Color

    Not intended to be a "what color is better post" is already know black bezels have more noticeable fingerprints and scratches while the white attracts dust and is a distraction. Now I'm mainly here to ask, Does anyone feel the colors on the display look better with one bezel vs the other?
  4. K

    No More Rose Gold Color Watches?

    I just realized this, but apple Is no longer selling any of the watches in the rose gold color! What are your thoughts as to why? I love my rose gold series 2 watch! IMO the rose gold matches with outfits way more than the gold does. I tried the silver aluminum Series 1 at first and spent...
  5. wowlisawoww

    Rosegold or silver MacBook 12"??

    I've had a real hard time trying to decide which color I'm going for for my next MacBook. It's a lot of money and I don't want to regret my decision. Please help me choose. SILVER OR ROSEGOLD??
  6. T

    Which colour should I get?

    So I'm finally giving in and buying an Apple Watch (couldn't stay away any longer!) but now the big dilemma of which colour to choose. I have to order online as there isn't an Apple Store where I live. I have tiny wrists so need a 38 mm. I want either rose gold or silver with a black band. I...
  7. AppleSheepLiz

    Which colour of Apple Watch should I buy?

    So I want to buy an Apple Watch but I can't decide on the colour. I want either a space gray or rose gold Apple Watch. Also, does the pebble colour band look good on space gray?
  8. CelticSusan

    New Phone choice/color and size question.

    Greetings. I am sending my first post here ever. I have had a 5S (silver) for 3 years and have loved it but it is time to upgrade as the battery is dying quickly, etc. I went to buy a 7 yesterday. Question #1= I was torn between silver and "pink" rose gold. I decided to go for the rose gold and...
  9. phillytim

    Did the Rose Gold change from the 6s to the 7?

    I was in the Apple Store the other evening, checking out the new iPhone 7 models. It appears that the Rose Gold tone has changed this year, perhaps making it a little less stark pink. Do you guys think that's the case? They say that Apple plays around with the tone of its traditional Gold...
  10. M

    LADIES! Which colour iPhone are you getting?

    I'm stuck between Jet Black, Matte Black and Rose Gold! Was just wondering what are you all getting because I keep thinking the black colour will not go well with girly cases, haha!
  11. ohenriquez

    New MacBook colour preference

    I have decided to get the new MacBook and I find interesting to read about people’s circumstances, reasons and preferences towards a new colour.
  12. TantalizedMind

    Any men rockin' Rose Gold?

    I've seen a few users stating they recently bought a Rose Gold iPhone SE. But those users' bios and usernames did not identify their gender. So it made me curious.. Any guys own a Rose Gold iPhone? If so, why did you choose it? If you don't own a Rose Gold iPhone, would you ever consider...