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Would you be interested in a 3.5" "iPhone 7"

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Original poster
Jul 20, 2011
I was one of those that left the Apple ecosystem for Android just for screen size, but the 6+ brought me back. Last night, I found an old 4s and I immediately missed the form factor. If Apple released an iPhone 7 with the screen size of the 4/4s, would you be interested? Or is screen size > portability?


Jun 28, 2015
Western Hemisphere
no, tbh, actually i want a 6.0 iphone
I have a Nexus 6 with a 6.0" display that I've enjoyed for nearly one year. It's a terrific smartphone and the one I use as my primary phone. It's only slightly larger than the iPhone 6/6S plus. But the larger display is a big leap. Wonderful for someone like myself that uses the phone like a mini laptop. I always have my MB with me, yet for a short wait in line at the airport or other situation when you don't want to sit down with a laptop, the smartphone makes it easy to do a very wide variety of things.

3.5" iPhones were very popular with the ladies, old people and such.
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Jun 12, 2011
Either the 5.5" screen with a smaller body (less bezel room) or as big of a screen as they can fit in the 6 Plus chassis. Big screens are where it's at. I loved the size of my 6 Plud and I love the size of my 6s Plus.

Tom G.

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Jun 16, 2009
Champaign/Urbana Illinois
I went from a 5s to the 6 for the size, then realized that I should have gone to the 6+. I corrected that by getting a 6s+ and am totally happy with it. I can see by the voting results that there is a small number of people who would be happy with the smaller sized unit. But you would never find me among them.

I'm also planning on getting an iPad Pro, so that should tell you something additional about what I think the proper size for iPhones and iPads are.


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Original poster
Jul 20, 2011
I miss the design and build quality of 3.5inch iphones(like the 4/4s). I don't miss the screen size.

If apple would make a 5 inch phone with the 4s design (steel and glass) and thickness (more battery) and small bezels i would instantly buy it.
Maybe I should have said this, because you bring up a good point. I like the size of the 4/4s, not necessarily the screen size.
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Aug 28, 2008
Beverly, Massachusetts
I could see some people wanting the 4" screen size. But the 3.5"? Nope. To cramped and small. Just look at how iOS 8 and iOS 9 run on a 3.5" device. The keyboard takes up more than half the screen. The 4" size is the smallest that iOS runs nicely on


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Sep 7, 2010
No way! Within a week of getting an iP6 even the 5/5s seemed ridiculously small to me. I wouldn't want a display less than 4.7". In fact, I wouldn't mind at all if the iP7 offered a 5" model.

Michael Goff

Jul 5, 2012
That would be way too small for me to use. I had a 4s, and now I couldn't even see myself using a 4".


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May 6, 2013
Nope. I actually switched to android for a while because there was no iPhone with big screen


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Nov 7, 2015
I still have an iPhone 5 along with my newer iPhones.
It looks so small and I can't believe I used to use that thing.
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