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Oct 21, 2022
Austin, TX
(Wasn't sure where to post this since it covers just Apple. haha. But I was using my iphone for the most current issue and the App Store, so here it is. lol)

The title might sound too altruistic on Apple's part, but they seem to listen to feedback more than any other company I've interacted with. I used to work for Apple, just a couple of years until a year after the pandemic, and I learned that they value feedback. I put that to the test after quitting, and email Cook sometimes with ideas or things I've noticed that are out of place. I've been contacted MANY times, once by Tim directly, and other times by his assistants. Even received several phone calls for more info on my ideas.

Anyway, this is the latest one, and I was just so surprised with how fast they resolved the issue. I was just browsing the App Store and noticed an app with the same icon as the Shortcuts app. So, I screenshot it, and emailed Tim (usually his assistants read the emails first is what I was told, so not too worried about bothering him. lol), and let them know, and that it may even be a scam based on the reviews. This morning, the App is already gone. :)

Just one other story about them listening, last spring after Apple was getting more serious about gaming and released a AAA game on the Mac App store, I sent an email explaining to them why that wouldn't cut it with gamers. I explained they needed something like steam, and maybe should charge a lower percentage than steam to developers (to entice them to make more games for mac), and then listed and explained the features that people love about steam, or at least me. Like the community aspect, with forums for the games, mods, achievements, etc. The Mac App store was just not built for games. So literally the next day they asked if we could talk on the phone.

So, if you do have ideas or feedback, definitely submit them! They really do value it, and it makes them a better company, as well as helps make products relevant to their users!

Screenshot from yesterday: (Edit: I actually did find the was just listed further down than yesterday. lol. But still! My past experience has still be extremely positive! I'm sure it will be taken down eventually using the same icon. lol)

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Apr 15, 2013
I agree that Apple definately listens to their consumers. I had a great experience with Apple in 2008 not long after the iPhone 3G was released! I was having an issue with my iPhone where it would constantly shut down on its own and it became unusable. I went to an Apple Store and explained the issue and the genius asked me why I chose the iPhone and what I would change etc…. They took my iPhone 3G 8GB out the back and came back with a brand new 16GB model along with a £50 iTunes giftcard. Never had an experience like that before with any other company 😂
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