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Feb 11, 2012
Florida, USA
That novel Out Of Time sounds more similar to The Truman Show.
Or Westworld
Is the show creepy? They make it look creepy. Not in to scary stuff but some psychological thriller stuff is good.
It's very creepy. No jump scares. Lots of psychology. There may be something supernatural going on, but then again, maybe not.


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Feb 7, 2008
When was the art lost? Every single form of art is inspired by something before it.

some of the movies you enjoyed from decades ago were themselves remakes or inspired by movies that came even earlier.

...and that is what we call post modern theory. Everything is based on previous works be it arts or science.

Regarding the claim it doesn’t seem to have much of merit. The “doll baby thing” is based on reality (dolls used to treat the trauma caused by miscarriage). The rest of the plot have been repeated in a way or another in some previous movies or tv shows. In reality there is no true originality since we are constantly influenced by the world surrounding us. Let’s face it, if you are not allowed to be inspired by previous works then we would stop producing everything. This applies to every discipline from arts to science.

In moving image industry you don’t see many claims like this since we all know that we don’t live in vacuum. If you work in that industry you are always influenced by something. To be honest I work in that industry. My original work costs millions to make. However, as said nothing is truly original. I and therefore my work is influenced by the world surrounding me. Its the music, arts and the science. Everything I see affects me and therefore my work. What we see and what we know makes the stories of tomorrow.
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Jul 26, 2012
Fort Myers,FL
Best show on Apple TV+, a silly lawsuit, ideas are ideas, there might be similar elements between this unknown movie and the Apple show, but the overall unraveling of the story is completely different. Waste of time for the courts and a way to promote the movie for the director of it.


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Jul 8, 2015
Just seen the last episode and it really is a gripping series. There are similarities, but that's like saying you can't be creative if you write a show based in medieval times with swords without ripping off GOT.

This is completely different overall.

Flight Plan

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May 26, 2014
Southeastern US
Not getting into the 'copied or not' as I haven't seen either of these yet. However, I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned that Shayamalan has previous in this area.

I'm in the minority of loving The Village - though I acknowledge how much of that is owed to James Newton Howard's great score - but it shamelessly ripped off a book "for young readers", Running Out of Time by the (relatively?) unknown Margaret Peterson Haddix.

I was such a fanboy of the movie that I tracked down a paperback copy years ago (ISBN 0-689-80084-3, if anyone is interested) to prove to myself that it wasn't so. Yes, there are differences/changes/additions etc., but the core plot - and crucially for Shyamalan, the twist - are virtually identical.

Here's the first paragraph from the back-cover blurb:

Sound familiar? All it needed was a "based on","inspired by" or equivalent. So we're left thinking it's all about artificially creating and preserving a personal mystique, a cult of (undeserved) genius. Doesn't mean he can't create great content though, or that he is 'guilty' in the current case. Just worth bearing in mind.
That story blurb actually sounds boring. It's been done eleventy-billion times already. Some days, I'm so glad I got rid of TV those 5+ years ago!


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Feb 16, 2015
I like Servant on Apple TV + and really don't see a similarity to the series… yet… The whole thing about the baby is the larger story of Servant, while this movie seems to be more about the young woman's past and mental issues. Yes, Servant's "nanny" is weird and we are still learning about her past.
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