Apple Announces Apple Watch Pre-Orders Will Kick Off at 12:01 AM PT on April 10


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Jan 13, 2015
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You guys can have my place, I'm not interested. Thanks. ��
I would not be surprised if a huge number of otherwise satisfied Apple customers took a pass on what's arguably little more that a Super Hyped Apple gadget...


The Sport will sell out instantaneously.
Apple will restrict them to assure they can make that claim.

Rumor has it, the Apple Hype Machine has been upgraded to water cooled.:eek:


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Dec 11, 2002
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Haven't read all the posts but want to point out that the time for Japan should be 4:01 pm, not 3:01 pm...

And it seems that the space gray model is quite popular. I guess I have to get my order in quickly as well...!!!


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Aug 11, 2008
Who thinks this will sell out within a few hours (like the last few product launches)? I imagine a lot of people are going to want to try these on in person.


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Sep 17, 2014
I see i its that time again , pre-order tomorrow ! I'll be going for a space grey 42mm . I've had good luck in the past , i hope it continues. Being that there plenty more options than phones usually have hopefully that spreads things out

I like they do it early in the morning 2:01 am my time. Those who want to sleep in thats fine with me just gives me a better chance of getting one.

I got thru really easy on the Apple Store App on the phone last time, but i needed 2 phones and was ordering from sprint so i needed to go thru Sprint for the special plan took a few hours but everyone was in the same boat

On the 24 th ( i pray ) i'll be home listening for the UPS or FedEx guy. Everytime i hear a truck , peeking out the window in the living room LOL . Its like Christmas anytime i get something new !!!!!!!

Happy Ordering people !!!


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Feb 23, 2006
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The container is standing by....



Quote this for a good laugh after 4/10.
For the record ... I was totally right. Within 30 minutes most were 3 - 4 weeks and some even estimating June. Within an hour only 1 or 2 models were launch day. By 1:30am the only launch day one left is the 38mm classic buckle. Another hour or so that will be gone.

The crazy thing is one of the edition models says August!