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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today announced the third-generation AirPods, featuring an updated design, improved sound quality, and more. The new third-generation AirPods builds on features such as Spatial Audio in Apple Music and more.


The new AirPods, as rumored, features a design similar to the AirPods Pro but without silicone eartips or Active Noise Cancelation. The new AirPods includes Adaptive EQ, which adjusts frequencies in real-time based on what a user is listening to deliver even improved sound quality.
For an optimal listening experience with rich detail, the new AirPods feature Adaptive EQ that tunes sound in real-time based on how AirPods fit in the user’s ear. An inward-facing microphone monitors for sound, and then Adaptive EQ, powered by computational audio, tunes the low and mid frequencies to account for what may be lost due to variances in fit.
Unlike the second-generation AirPods, the third-generation AirPods is sweat and water-resistant, featuring a new contoured design that's meant to fit a wide varify of ear sizes.


The new design of AirPods is lightweight and contoured, sitting at just the right angle for comfort and to direct audio into the ear. For a more subtle appearance, the stem is shorter than the previous generation and features the same intuitive force sensor as AirPods Pro for media control. The new AirPods are resistant to both sweat and water, with an IPX4 rating for both the earbuds and the charging case.
In battery life, Apple is promising that the new third-generation AirPods will deliver up to an extra hour of battery life compared to the second-generation model. Apple claims that just five minutes of charging provides enough battery for an hour of use. AirPods Pro and the new AirPods now also support MagSafe. The new AirPods start at $179, and are available starting today.

Article Link: Apple Announces Redesigned Third-Generation AirPods
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Aug 6, 2015
Can their case be still charged with a lightning cable or only with MagSafe and wireless charging, I wonder?

Edit: The tech specs page is on and Lightning to USB-C cable is included, cool! ?


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Oct 23, 2014
Ummmm you can’t do lossless over Bluetooth

My 2011 MacBook Pro can do CD-quality over APTX. If the AirPods could even match just that, it would be sufficient for me. But it seems nobody's figured out how to make a low-power CD-quality wireless stream in the last 10 years of innovation.
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Nov 5, 2007
They failed at "Force Controls". Apple needs to get the hell outta Cupertino and try using Air Pods anywhere cold... with Gloves, Mittens, a Hat, Helmet, Hoodie, tangled in a covid mask holding a bag of groceries and a coffee. Tap Controls could be controlled with the side of a thermos through a hat. Force Controls are like the round mouse. Total Fail.


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Jan 22, 2009
These seem nice...but what happened to replacing the previous model at the previous price point?

Under Tim Cook, Apple keeps old models around while introducing new models at higher price points.
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