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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today announced watchOS 3, the next major version of its Apple Watch software platform. The update includes several performance and navigation improvements, new watch faces and apps, several fitness-related features, and more.

"Apple Watch is the ultimate companion for a healthy life and with watchOS 3, there's now even more to love," said Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer. "Favorite apps launch instantly and are simple to access, and the breakthrough new fitness and health features like the Breathe app make it feel like a whole new watch."
o Apple Watch users can press the side button to access the new Dock, where they can tap to launch native and third-party apps instantly and have the latest information in the app already updated and ready for viewing.

o Swiping up from the bottom brings up an all-new Control Center with toggles for Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, notifications, and more. Meanwhile, you can now simply swipe left and right to easily switch between watch faces.

o New ways to create and respond to iMessages, including a Scribble feature that dynamically recognizes which letters are drawn on the Apple Watch's screen and translates the drawings into traditional text messages. You can also send animations, invisible ink, stickers, larger emoji, sketches, taps, and your heartbeat.

o New watch faces: Minnie Mouse, Activity, and Numerals.

o Activity Sharing: You can now share your Activity rings with others for competitive motivation, and receive notifications when people finish workouts or earn achievements.

o A new Breathe app guides you through a series of deep breaths with relaxing animations and gentle taps. A summary provides you with your heart rate and the length of your breathing session, which can be adjusted by spinning the Digital Crown. Time to Breathe reminders can be set on a daily basis.

o New features for wheelchair users: The Activity app now supports a trio of wheelchair pushing techniques for varying speeds and terrain. There are also two new wheelchair-specific workouts and a new "Time to Roll" notification.

o SOS: Press and hold the side button and Apple Watch will initiate a call with 911 or local emergency services. SOS can also send a message to quickly alert your emergency contacts. The feature, which works over Wi-Fi or cellular, includes a medical card with your personal information and any medical conditions, and can provide local emergency numbers based on the country you are in.

o Apple Watch now supports Apple Pay within apps

o Apple Watch can now automatically unlock your nearby Mac

o Apple Watch can be used with the new Home app for controlling HomeKit accessories

watchOS 3 is available as a developer beta today. A public beta will be released in July. The free software update will officially launch in the fall.

Article Link: Apple Announces watchOS 3 With Dock, Control Center, New Watch Faces and Apps, And More


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Jul 14, 2010
Really great features and finally a use for the friends button.

I wonder how many comps can we have on custom faces?

Complaints? 1 from me! Srsly, they give you so many ways to customize the majority of them you would think you're covered, but there's always just one or two things I want to change about each one, and as a developer, I would love experimenting with different watch functionality without hunting through the Apps and glances. It's one reason I miss my pebble.


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Mar 7, 2008
Atlanta, USA
Ugh, I missed it (work). :(

Anyone know if there's a replay or writeup of what was said for WatchOS?

Edit: Never mind, it's up at already (a writeup, at least)


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Sep 15, 2014
Why isn't a public beta available for July like the other devices?
Just WatchOS will be available in Fall, with no public beta!
Was looking so forward to it :(


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Apr 3, 2010
It was the most underwhelming keynote in my life. Apple is being doomed...
And here I thought the updates were pretty solid. There aren't going to be huge bombshell changes in the software from year to year anymore, and there probably wasn't going to be any hardware, so I'm not sure what you wanted. I definitely think there have been worse.
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