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Apr 12, 2001

As of today, Apple has failed to add any new games to Apple Arcade for two months. Prior to April 2, the company added new games to Apple Arcade intermittently on Fridays, similar to how Apple TV+ content is released, but since the launch of new categories of games two months ago, the service has seemingly taken a backseat.


On April 2, Apple announced that 30 new games would immediately arrive on the service, bringing the total number of games to over 180. Some of these games came under the new categories of "Timeless Classics" and "App Store Greats," which added existing games to the service. The additions indicated a change in strategy for Apple Arcade, which was until then reliant on exclusive "Arcade Originals" only.

Despite the significant news for Apple's mobile gaming subscription service, more than eight weeks have now passed with no new games being added to the platform. Even so, Apple is promoting a number of new games as "coming soon," including the narrative-focused card game "Solitaire Stories," fast-paced puzzler "Frenzic Overtime," and turn-by-turn RPG "Legends of Kingdom Rush."

Starting on Friday, June 4, Apple Arcade is expected to resume weekly additions to the service after this hiatus period.

Apple Arcade‌ launched in September of 2019 as an ad-free mobile game subscription service with no in-app purchases. ‌Apple Arcade‌ is available across the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Mac for $4.99 per month, or as part of the Apple One bundle.

Article Link: Apple Arcade Hasn't Received Any New Games in Two Months
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Jul 6, 2012
Do wonder how this will pan out. I have no interest in another monthly bill, however mini a cable bill it may be.

Apple should fix the App Store so developers can charge folks after major updates. That eye sore has been in the design of the App Store since the beginning and mostly didn't matter because of the growth. Now that the growth has leveled off some they need to fix it. Have seen multiple apps rename themselves to get around it. I don't want yearly subscriptions to every app either (it'll be very few), but I'd probably "upgrade" more if given the choice. JMHO...
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Sep 21, 2013
They need to convince developers to take advantage of Metal and produce for their platform. Apple hardware can now handle more graphically intensive games as well so we shouldn't still be getting games like "Solitaire Stories" when games like "World of Demons" prove how capable Apple hardware can be.


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Apr 21, 2003
It looks like developers aren't lining up to add their games to Arcade. I'm guessing it doesn't bring in enough revenue.

Tried the Arcade trial after I got my M1 Mini. While there were some good games, I wasn't really impressed in the majority of the games available. It would have been cheaper to buy those games I enjoyed, rather than continue on with the subscription.

Arcade is a bit lacklustre.


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Mar 14, 2015
"Here at Apple we created Apple Arcade to nurture only the best in innovative development, empowering creative minds to be set free... and also because the regular store has just devolved into an abomination of freemium dross titles that want you to buy overpriced packs of gems/coins/flowers/orbs... <heavy sigh>"


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Jan 12, 2017
I've been really enjoying Arcade (mostly playing ST Legends) even though I have a gaming rig PC sitting next to me. It's a sad state for gaming when I'd rather use a controller and play something on my Apple TV (got the new 4K, it's great for games - can't believe how much better they look) than one of the so-called AAA releases on PC. All new "AAA" games are boring or overly complicated and a waste of time.


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Sep 29, 2008
Writer, maybe you should double check before firing your load
I was going to say, I just got a notification last week about a new game added.

I'm not a big mobile gamer but have played some of the games. Wonderbox is really good, Fantasian is good. Sneaky Sasquatch is a deceptively good game. Lego Brawls is like Super Smash Bros. Not quite as good but still good. The Oregon Trail would probably be enjoyable if you've never played the original games. NBA 2K21 is great if you enjoy basketball games.
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Nov 14, 2011
I’d be curious to know how many people use Apple Arcade. Apple doesn’t provide any subscriber data on its subscription services but if Arcade was doing really well you‘d think Apple would be talking about it more than they do. Just like Apple News; they never talk about that either.


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Aug 29, 2008
There is one additional price tier here in the UK (assume elsewhere too).

£49.99 a year
Or as part of Apple One
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