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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has backed out of a potential purchase of the game studio Electronic Arts (EA) following talks that have been ongoing since as early as May of this year, with Amazon instead poised to make an offer, according to a report from USA Today vertical ForTheWin.


Over the last couple of months, EA has been speaking to several companies with potential interest in the acquisition, including Apple, Amazon, and Disney. Apple has had a renewed interest in the gaming market ever since the launch of Apple Arcade, the company's subscription-based gaming service that offers exclusive games with no in-app purchases and ads.

A purchase of EA by Apple would give the Cupertino tech-giant access to hit gaming franchises that include "The Sims," "Battlefield," "Apex Legends," "SimCity," "DragonAge," "FIFA," and more.

Apple purchasing EA, which has a market value of $34 billion, would be the largest acquisition by Apple in its history. Apple's largest purchase to date is Beats, which it bought for $3 billion in 2014. During the company's last earnings call in July, CEO Tim Cook said Apple "never buys just to buy," but added that he wouldn't "rule anything out" and that Apple is "constantly surveilling the market."

Update: According to CNBC sources, the rumor that Amazon is set to purchase Electronic Arts (EA) is incorrect.

Article Link: Apple Backs Out of Talks to Purchase Game Studio Electronic Arts, Amazon Reportedly Set to Make Offer Instead [Updated]
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Dec 12, 2009
It would have been interesting to see Apple spend big to invest into the gaming industry but not sure EA would have been the best choice. Sure, their game catalogue would probably fit quite well with Apple but it comes with so much baggage.

The Phazer

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Oct 31, 2007
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Smart move, Apple.

Not really, because Apple produces quality products and services for the price.

EA is better off sharing a bed with Bezos, where you sometimes get the quality products you think you’re purchasing.

LOL Apple's gaming strategy is predatory gambling microtransactions. They'd be a perfect fit.

(Amazon is not buying EA.)


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Jul 18, 2022
LOL Apple's gaming strategy is predatory gambling microtransactions. They'd be a perfect fit.

(Amazon is not buying EA.)
I didn’t say they were, I read the article. I said they’d be better off in bed with them.

And users have a choice to spend, or not to spend money on micro transactions. Just because they’re addicted to a game to the point they’ll dump hundreds/thousands on a game just to progress further, shouldn’t be on Apple.

And your “LOL” made your reply REALLY funny. 👍
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