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Apple Campus 2 Drone Video Shows Recent Progress on Spaceship-Shaped Building


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Apr 12, 2001

Construction on Apple's second campus in Cupertino, California is slated to wrap up at the end of 2016, and with just eight months to go until the deadline, work on the site is continuing around the clock. As he does at the beginning of each month, drone pilot Duncan Sinfield captured new aerial video of Apple Campus 2, allowing us to see the progress that has been made over the course of the last 30 days.

This month's video gives the closest look we've seen yet at the ring-shaped main building and other areas on the campus, with today's construction juxtaposed with video taken over the last several months to give us an idea of how rapidly work on the campus has progressed.

At the main ring-shaped building, additional windows and window awnings have been added, and solar panels designed to sit atop the roof are being lifted into place. Work on the underground auditorium is nearly finished, and as we saw last month, the roof has been fitted to the building that will seat 1,000 people for future Apple events. Underground tunnels for accessing parking facilities also look to be in the end states of completion.

A second video by Matthew Roberts depicts two massive parking structures and close-up views of the auditorium, the roof of the main building, and the 100,000 square foot fitness center where employees will be able to work out.

In the near future, as work on the main buildings wraps up, Apple may begin its landscaping efforts. Since construction began, Apple has been amassing a giant dirt pile in the center of the campus, all of which will go towards the landscape. Apple plans to add more than 7,000 trees to the campus, spread across 300 species, ultimately ending up with more than 80 percent green space for employees to enjoy.

Article Link: Apple Campus 2 Drone Video Shows Recent Progress on Spaceship-Shaped Building


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Jun 27, 2007
Central U.S.
It's really coming together! Does anyone know if it will have a store inside like their current campus? I'd love to be able to go inside and at least see parts of the building from within.

It would be really neat to work there someday. I'm probably not good enough of a designer yet, and from what I've read their culture really works people to death and I value a work/life balance with my growing family. Maybe someday both of those will improve and I'll wind up in Cupertino.
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Sep 4, 2009
Wait does that mean it's won't be finished in time for the 7/+ launch?
Supposedly the theater will be complete for the iPhone 7 launch this fall. The big donut completes next year.

It's too bad Steve isn't here to see this come to life.
Sure many feel this way. Woz has been through the campus and loves what they are doing with it. I'm sure he will be there for the opening as a founder and fellow.


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Oct 22, 2013
Apple campus, iPhone, iPad, iPad pro, iWatch, iCar... boy, the name "mac"rumors is really from the old days huh. I suggest a name change *runs away fast


Sep 4, 2009
Just out of curiosity, how many employees will work here? The place seems huge!
The capacity is aimed to be 13,000 staff overall. The overall plan is to move out of nearly every rented building along De Anza and Stevens Creek while keeping The Loop. Steve Jobs office is already on mothballs and will stay that way. There has been debate turning The Loop into a Historic Site but the building is too new (23 years old) for consideration. I'm sure they will keep Bubb Road buildings for low profile activities.


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Jun 3, 2015
"Apple Campus 2 Drone Video Shows Recent Progress on Spaceship-Shaped Building"

Ha. I like the title. Its just funny because its so straightforward and obvious, but there really couldn't be another name for it.
Its not bad, just funny.


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Nov 8, 2009
Awesome architecture and nice images from above! DJI Phantom? 3? 4?

Really looking forward to product launches there.

It is just hard to see a comparison between old and new if every cut is of a completely different part of the building...
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Aug 11, 2002
Charlotte, NC
Why do people refer to this as a "spaceship" design. Have any of these people ever seen a spaceship? Has anyone ever seen a spaceship.


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Feb 3, 2009
For the record: This is a real space ship in outer space. It doesn't bear a lot of resemblance. The campus also isn't in outer space which is a shame.

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